Scarlett on ‘Black Widow’ movie: Don’t want to just flow on the surface

Scarlett Johansson recently said she doesn’t want the film to be on the surface when she talks about the black widow’s one-man film, which will be released next year, according tomedia. “I don’t want it to be an origin movie, I don’t want it to be a spy story, I don’t want it to feel a little bit on the surface,” Scarlett said.

Scarlett on 'Black Widow' movie: Don't want to just flow on the surface

Black Widow Poster

I only want to shoot it when it really fits my current relationship with the character. It took me so long to tear the character off one layer that I felt there was no reason to shoot it unless something was deep. Because I’ve done my job in “Avengers 4, and I’m actually satisfied.” If it ends like this, I’m happy. So I need to have a reason to shoot it, not just to take advantage of it. “

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