How does Instagram’s AI choose to display posts in the “explore” tab?

¬†Instagram app makes it easy to find posts that match your preferences from the “explore” tab of the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the home screen. Instagram has revealed its secrets on its official blog about how the content displayed in this Discovertab has been selected.

the Instagram AI That Fills Explore with Fresh, content juicy The number of Instagram users has exceeded 1 billion in 2018, and each user posts countless photos and movies every day.

It is not easy for AI to find content tailored to the user’s preferences from among these content, not to mention the impossible with human power. Therefore, Instagram uses AI to sort out content in two major processes.

Embedding Instagram first uses a technique called “embedding” to explore user preferences on an account-by-account basis rather than posting. For example, in the technology called “Word Embedding”, which handles natural language in deep learning, words are weighted from the context of sentences to infer the connection between words and words. Similarly, “embedding” is also used in “ig2vec,” where Instagram analyzes preference trends for each account. As an example, a user can follow a user who posts a large number of “dog photos” or “Like” If you send a dog, you can predict that the user likes dogs. In this way, Instagram’s AI associates accounts with accounts to explore their preferences by using a series of user behaviors in writing and account embedding that looks like an account in words. At this time, the account that is determined to be close to the user’s preference is called the “seed account”.

When you find a “seed account” in the ranking “Embedded”, the next step is to select 500 pieces of content that the user seems to like in particular from the content posted by the account. Next, rank 500 pieces of content in a three-step process to screen the content that you want to finally display in the Discover tab. The first process is to narrow the content from 500 to 150 with minimally functional filtering. Next, sift from 150 to 50 pieces. Spam, fake news, and content that are likely to violate policies are excluded at this time. Finally, we select the top 25 of the 50 pieces that match the user’s preferences and determine the first 25 pieces of content that appear on the Discovertab.

“The most exciting thing about the Discovery tab is looking for ways to continually find your preferences so that you can find more interesting and relevant content,” said Ivan Medvedev, an Instagram engineer. “Instagram’s Discovery tab is constantly evolving,” he said, adding that he was eager to make further improvements in the future.

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