Welcoming a new era of space flight: NASA invites everyone to participate in the 14th launch

NASA is preparing to celebrate a huge milestone in its commercial manned flight program,media reported. NASA invites you to participate in the event that will be held on Saturday, November 14, 2020. SpaceX’s manned Crew Dragon astronauts will be launched from launch pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 7:49 p.m. EST.

Welcoming a new era of space flight: NASA invites everyone to participate in the 14th launch

The Dragon spacecraft will carry four astronauts to ISS for a six-month scientific mission.

It will be the first time the United States has put astronauts into orbit since the space shuttle was retired. In addition to the first Dragon mission, there will be many other “firsts” created that day. One of them is that the mission will be the first time in history that four astronauts have boarded a capsule and carried out a commercial mission.

The launch marked astronaut Victor Glover’s first space flight, and Shannon Walker became the first female astronaut to perform a commercial orbiting mission. Japanese astronaut Sochi Noguchi will become the first international astronaut aboard the Manned Dragon spacecraft and the first international astronaut to land on three orbital spacecraft types. Noguchi has previously been aboard the U.S. space shuttle and the Russian Soyo spacecraft.

The Manned Dragon spacecraft will also be the first commercial spacecraft to be certified by NASA and FAA, allowing it to carry astronauts on routine space missions. The launch also marks the first certification mission for NASA’s commercial manned flight program. As part of the celebration, fans around the world will be invited to use the hashtag “LaunchAmerica” to show how they counted down to the historic launch.

NASA wants people to post photos or videos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, while using the hashtag to show how they celebrate. For the U.S., it’s exciting to finally regain the ability to put astronauts into orbit after years of rides with Russia to the space station.