Study: Some COVID-19 recoverers experience long-term skin problems

Although the respiratory symptoms of COVID-19 are best known, experts have reported in the past few months that COVID-19 can also cause other health problems in people infected with the virus,media reported. One of the problems, according to a new study, is skin damage and rashes in a small percentage of COVID-19 patients.

Study: Some COVID-19 recoverers experience long-term skin problems

The study, from Massachusetts General Hospital, found that some COVID-19 patients developed persistent skin-related symptoms long after respiratory diseases were cleared. These people are often referred to as “long-distance patients”, meaning that although they have recovered from respiratory diseases, they still experience a variety of problems that seem to hinder their full and appropriate recovery.

In April 2020, researchers established the COVID-19 International Registry to monitor cases of skin problems. With months of data, the researchers reported that some patients with “long-distance” COVID-19 developed skin problems such as urticaria, measles, papules squamous rashes and swelling and redness of the hands and feet.

The study found that these skin problems lasted only four days, but one case lasted for up to 70 days, and many cases lasted about two to four weeks. The only exception is the redness and swelling of the so-called “COVID toe”, which is most likely to last a long time – six of the reported patients had symptoms that lasted at least 60 days, and two unfortunate patients who had been on the list for more than 130 days.

Esther E. Freeman, senior author of the study, said: “Our findings reveal a subset of previously unresolved coVID-19 long-term skin symptoms, especially those with COVID toes. This data increases our understanding of the long-term effects of COVID-19 on different organ systems. The skin may be a visible window to understand the inflammation that may occur in the body. “