New application of Swiss cheese model: prevention of the new crown pandemic

Recently,media The Verge has a reporter said that it has been thinking about the safety of the new crown pandemic and Swiss cheese issues. Although cheese is a bland food, it is a good visual metaphor for a layered approach to controlling infection. The “Swiss cheese model” first appeared in the 1990s, when it was proposed as a way of thinking about accidents. Now, during a pandemic, it is used in another service to visualize disease prevention rather than accidents.

In a pandemic like this one, there is no single action to prevent a person from getting sick. There are vulnerabilities in any method. Washing your hands doesn’t stop people from inhaling the virus — if you’re in a sweltering room with an infected person, wearing a mask doesn’t completely protect you. But if you put all these precautions together, plus some ventilation and powerful testing, there’s a strategy.

New application of Swiss cheese model: prevention of the new crown pandemic

It is hoped that the loopholes in one approach can be filled by the advantages of others. Some layers will have more holes than others, like some that do not yet exist as a vaccine.

The problem is that people seem to insist on a solid cheese rather than accepting reality. In the U.S., a new record number of new cases per day has just been set, adding 99,000 cases in a day, putting the total number of cases now at more than 9 million. At this point, everyone needs to do everything that can fight back against this thing that steals human life.

Obviously, it’s not easy. People have been doing this for months and have been very tired of it. People are ready to meet their friends or go out without a mask or go to the gym, but every layer of Swiss cheese they use to wrap themselves will only make everyone safer – though that’s not enough to get everyone to safety. There is no simple application to assess the ventilation of the home where you live, no strict rules to form an epidemic chamber, and no judge to rule when a COVID dispute arises between friends, family, or colleagues. The most depressing answer to all the questions that seem to be related to the new crown is “as the case may be”.

Scientists are trying to find a more specific answer. Despite the speed of the research, it still cannot satisfy the strong desire for certainty “in these uncertain times”. Before it’s all over, people have to “eat” as much as possible, stacking up every new intervention until they find a combination that lasts.