U.S. media measured vehicle-assisted driving: Tesla is not the best first for Cadillac

While car companies around the world are actively developing vehicle-assisted driving and self-driving features, Tesla is one of the best at publicity, with many consumers directly mistaking Tesla’s Autopolit feature for “autopilot.” But in essence, it still belongs to the L2 level of assisted driving.

Another question is, is Tesla’s Autopolit assisted driving feature really the best? In this regard, there are also media on a number of models of auxiliary driving function, the actual comparison, the results also let many consumers surprised.

Recently, consumer reports, a well-known U.S. rating media, tested and ranked the active support systems of major automakers.

The Consumer Reports assessment consists of five categories of tests: system capability and system performance, driver engagement, ease of use, safety, and driver response without response.

The agency evaluated 17 different systems, up from four at the time of the first test in 2018. The tests were conducted between June and September 2020, and Consumer Reports rated each system in 36 separate tests, some of which were conducted on public roads.

U.S. media measured vehicle-assisted driving: Tesla is not the best first for Cadillac

The result came as a surprise to many that Cadillac’s Super Cruise performed better than Tesla Autopilot, winning in three of the five categories.

Unlike Tesla’s aggressive assisted-driving features, Cadillac’s Super Cruise features are more gentle, safe and conservative. It can only be opened at high speed and the driver’s condition is monitored at all times, and the function is also opted out if road conditions are not artificially monitored.

Despite the limitations, wouldn’t it be safest to do so under the existing L2-level assisted driving feature? It can be said that compared to how convenient the use of assisted driving functions, safety is the first and insurmountable bottom line.

The test results also showed that the Cadillac Super Cruise system was more stable, with 69 points higher than Tesla’s 57 points and 12 points higher than the crushing level. Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 system was third with 52 points.

“Super Cruise is at the top of the list, even with many new systems from different automakers, because infrared cameras ensure that the driver’s eyes are facing the road.” Kelly Funkhouser, director of self-driving testing at Consumer Reports, said.