Tesla High Speed Hit: Police Solve Cases Awarded Tesla Medals

It comes after a video of a dashcam released by a Shanghai Tesla owner in October sparked a heated debate among netizens after the owner encountered a high-speed porcelain encounter. Video released by the owner shows the owner driving an Audi at high speed to force the Tesla into a lane, then enter the current lane from behind the side and attempt to collide with Tesla’s porcelain approach, but thanks to Tesla’s self-driving feature, the encountering gang attempted to crash, the owner noticed the unusual get-off, The porcelain-touching man took the opportunity to draw a line on the Tesla, smudging the owner and rubbing him.

The man then asked the Tesla owner to lose money, but the Tesla owner insisted on not being private, and said he would cooperate with its alarm. The Audi-turned-man saw his intention to call the police and let the Tesla owner drive away.

Even more frightening is that this matter is not an isolated case, there are many such accidents on the Internet, before the Quangang police have cracked a similar case, touch porcelain gang on the high-speed touch porcelain more than 60 times, the amount involved in up to 150,000 yuan.

The incident quickly caught the attention of the vast number of netizens and the police because the Tesla owner’s dashcam records the detailed work of the person who touched the porcelain.

On November 27, Tesla officials briefed on the follow-up to the porcelain incident, and the Qingpu Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau held a press conference on the “cross-provincial series of high-speed porcelain fraud cases”, announcing the break of the case and awarding Tesla a medal.

A Tesla fan added: “The matter is the perfect end, the police in a short period of time the gang of eight people arrested together, from this high-speed less a group of people to make waves.” I would appeal to car owners and local police to face up to similar incidents! Because of your courage, we are fearless! “

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