League of Heroes Mobile Game launched the night before King Glory announced a new series of IP

On November 1st, at the fifth anniversary celebration of “Glory of the Kings”, two spin-off games, Code Name: Dawn and Code Name: Departure, debuted, and Tencent announced several new IP ips, including officially authorized TV dramas and animated dramas. Li Wei, general manager of Tianmei Studios, said it would expand players’ interactions with the world of “Glory of the Kings”, which could include anime, movies, music and even live action series.

Tencent’s latest figures show that the number of active users of King’s Glory Day in 2020 has reached 100 million. Excluding third-party Android stores, “Glory” users spent nearly $240 million, making it the world’s best-selling mobile game in September 2020, according to Sense Tower.

Recently, “League of Heroes” Mobile game has been in the public service, it is expected that it will bring new challenges to the “Glory of the King.”