Google confirms Pixel 5 has power display error: it take 3 hours to “consume 1%”

This year’s Google Pixel 5 does not use Qualcomm’s flagship processor (the Google Pixel 5 features the SnapDragon 765G mid-range mobile platform), but it has two major upgrades compared to the previous generation. One is the first use of 8GB of memory, and the second is that the battery capacity exceeded 4000mAh, reaching 4080mAh.

Although the battery capacity has increased, the user noticed a strange error. According tomedia reports, some users reported that google Pixel 5 battery percentage display error.

One Google Pixel 5 user tweeted that it took more than three hours for the phone to drop from 100% to 99%, apparently a software bug.

Unusually, many users have reflected this error on Google’s forums, with the percentage of power showing abnormality.

In response, Google engineers acknowledged the bug, saying they would fix the problem of power display in future Android updates.

In addition, Google engineers say users can now restart their phones and charge them temporarily.