Human body temperature is dropping Expert: Maybe living conditions are better

It is well known that humans are “thermostats” and normal body temperature is kept at around 37 degrees Celsius. But a new study suggests that human body temperature seems to be falling around the world. In addition to the United States and Britain, the average body temperature in remote and backward areas is also falling, according to a new study published in Science Advances,media reported.

An analysis of 250,000 body temperature records in more than 35,000 patients in the UK in 2017 found that the average body temperature in the UK was 36.6C, down from the “normal” average of 37C.

Since then, a study from the United States has echoed that in the United Kingdom, noting that the average body temperature in developed countries (36.4 degrees Celsius) is 1.6 percent lower than the average body temperature in the previous industrial era.

Since both the UK and the US are developed countries, scientists hope to study the average body temperature in other regions to see if it is also falling.

Human body temperature is dropping Expert: Maybe living conditions are better

To that end, scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara, began analyzing the body temperature of Tsimane, an indigenous tribe in Bolivia, for 16 years in 2002.

The study analyzed large samples of 5,500 adults and about 18,000 body temperature data, taking into account a number of other factors that may affect body temperature.

It was found that at the beginning of the 2002 study, the average body temperature of the Zemanes was 37 degrees Celsius. But in just 16 years, their average body temperature has dropped to 36.5 degrees Celsius (36.53 degrees C for women and 36.57 degrees C for men), a decrease of 0.03 degrees Celsius per year.

Michael Gurven, an anthropologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, said: “In less than 20 years, the level of hypothermia in the Zemanes has been almost the same as that of the United States for nearly two centuries, but the reason for the decline is still unknown. “

As a result, the researchers say, hypothermia is not a product of high-income countries, as is the case in rural and tropical areas with lower levels of health care. Through our research in Zimane, we will have new discoveries.

The researchers speculate that the main reason for the current drop in body temperature may be due to rising living conditions.

For developed countries, perfect modern medical services and living environment, so that people have fewer infections. With the emergence of air conditioning and heating, there is no need for the human body to regulate the temperature through itself too much.

In some areas where conditions are relatively poor, medical services have improved, although they are still lagging behind. And living conditions are gradually improving, is constantly getting clothes, bedding and other daily necessities.

The real reason for the hypothermia is not yet known, but improvements in living conditions and medical services are clear, Mr Guven said. Of course, more people around the world need to be studied to better understand the causes of our hypothermia.