“Election Day Asteroid” 2018 VP1 has flown over Earth

November 2 U.S. time — the day before the controversial U.S. election — how an asteroid called 2018 VP1 and its path will bring it super close to Earth has caused much controversy,media reported. This point in time earned it a less accurate nickname, “Election Day Asteroid.” It appears that the asteroid did not stay in the night sky long enough to leave a mark.


Planetary astronomer Michael Busch posted the latest news about the planet on Twitter Monday. “It’s clear that nothing happened on today’s insanity and atmospheric flash monitors,” Busch wrote. As expected, 2018 VP1 has already taken over the earth. “

It is understood that the asteroid hit the Earth’s atmosphere only 0.41% chance. The small size of the asteroid means it does not pose a threat to our planet. In an asteroid orbit updated on October 30, Allan Posner, an astrodynamicist at the Asteroid Institute, said that if it did burn, it would look like “a very beautiful meteor in the sky.”

There have been no reports of fireballs, and initial indications appear to be that 2018 VP1 will live another day.