Disney’s efforts to re-open a global theme park come as Disneyland Paris is closed again due to an outbreak

When Disney’s theme parks were closed indefinitely in early 2020 because of the COVID-19 outbreak, many wondered and worried about when they would reopen,media CNET reported. Both Shanghai Disney and Hong Kong Disney closed at the end of January, followed by Tokyo Disney Resort at the end of February. Disneyland Paris was closed on March 12, as were Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Disney's efforts to re-open a global theme park come as Disneyland Paris is closed again due to an outbreak

Currently, Disneyland California and Disneyland Paris are the only theme parks that are still closed. Here’s how COVID-19 affects all of its resorts around the world, and when they will reopen.

Disneyland, California: Orange County will only reopen if it is at the lowest risk of COVID-19 transmission

California on Oct. 20 revealed guidelines for the reopening of theme parks. Only when Disneyland’s county town is in the “yellow” phase of COVID-19 transmission, or a minimum level, will the state allow large theme parks like Disneyland to open, meaning that fewer than one new case of coronavirus per 100,000 people in the area must be added every day, and less than 2 percent test positive.

Orange County, where Disneyland is located, remains in the “red” phase of COVID-19 transmission, which ranges from “substantially”. Once Disneyland does reopen, the park’s capacity will be limited to 25% and an appointment will be required.

Disney protested the strict rules, calling them “arbitrary” and “unstoppable.” Ken Potrock, president of Disneyland, said the company had proven it could open responsidally. “California continues to ignore that fact,” he said. “The state government’s guidelines will allow us to close for the foreseeable future … Irreparable damage to the Anaheim/Southern California community. “

“We do believe it’s possible,” Said Dr. Mark Ghaly, California’s secretary of health and human services, when asked on October 20 whether Orange County could reach the yellow grade. He added that it required hard work, constant vigilance, extensive testing and contact tracing.

The rules come after Disneyland initially announced an optimistic re-opening date, July 17, on the resort’s 65th anniversary. At the end of June, when California refused to issue guidance on theme parks, it was forced to revise its time. “We have no choice but to postpone the re-opening of the theme park and resort until we have the approval of government officials,” Disney Park said on Twitter at the time.

Disney's efforts to re-open a global theme park come as Disneyland Paris is closed again due to an outbreak

Disneyland Paris: 15 July – 29 October

Disneyland Paris reopened on July 15, starting with two parks at Disneyland Paris, the Disney Newport Bay Club Hotel and the Disney Village shopping and dining area. Similarly, it limits the number of visitors with reservations, physical distance and a greater emphasis on cleaning.

Disneyland Paris was subsequently closed again on the evening of 29 October, following a wave of COVID-19 cases across the country, in accordance with new French guidelines. The theme park hopes to reopen from December 19 to January 3 to celebrate the holiday, and then close again from January 4 to February 12.

Hong Kong Disneyland: 18 June – 15 July, 25 September

Hong Kong Disneyland announced on June 15th that it would reopen on June 18th, reducing capacity, strengthening hygiene measures and a new booking system – but then closed indefinitely again on July 15th after a surge in new crown cases in the area. “At the request of the Government and the health department, Hong Kong Disneyland will be temporarily closed in line with preventive efforts throughout Hong Kong,” Disney said on the theme park’s website at the time.

Disney announced on September 22 that the theme park would reopen on September 25. Hong Kong Disneyland is still closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays and needs to make an appointment 7 days in advance through the online reservation system.

Disney World, Orlando, Florida: July 11

Disney reopened the Magic kingdom and animal kingdom on July 11th, followed by Epcart and Hollywood Studios on July 15th. Disney World Orlando has social distance and health measures, including temperature measurement, wearing a mask, keeping guests six feet away while queuing at attractions, and a capacity-limiting guest reservation system.

The fireworks display has been suspended. Disney World’s resorts and hotels reopened at the end of June.

The Disney Springs shopping and dining area reopened on May 20, with limited parking spaces, reduced entrances, temperature measurements before entry, masks, physical distance lines and obstacles, reduced time, no recreational activities, and increased hygiene and disinfectants. Disney-owned stores and restaurants in Disney Springs reopened on May 27.

Disneyland’s fireworks display has been put on hold, but the Magic Kingdom is scheduled to reopen on July 11.

Tokyo Disney Resort: July 1

Disneyland announced on June 23rd that it would open Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Ocean on July 1st.

Disney's efforts to re-open a global theme park come as Disneyland Paris is closed again due to an outbreak

Japan has reopened since the end of May, and Tokyo Disney Resort said on June 4th that the opening date for the tokyo Disneyland expansion would be decided once the two parks were reopened. The massive expansion — which includes a Beauty and the Beast-themed area and a Baymax ride — is scheduled to open on April 15, 2020.

Shanghai Disneyland: May 11

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced on May 5 that Shanghai Disneyland will reopen on May 11. It restricts the number of visitors to the park, introduces an appointment system for visitors to the park, implements an entrance control system, has a requirement to maintain social distance, uses tape markings to keep visitors away when queuing for rides, and requires wearing masks, taking temperature, contact tracing and government-required health procedures. On August 24th it increased the park’s capacity from 30 per cent to 50 per cent and restarted night-time fireworks displays.

Shanghai Disney began opening restaurants and stores in Disney Town, Star Hope Park and Shanghai Disneyland Hotel on March 9, requiring all visitors to take a temperature, present a health code at a restaurant, and continue to wear masks “always at a respectful social distance.”