Can the U.S. airline industry embark on a renaissance in the upcoming holiday season?

Southwest Airlines is one of several airlines offering a range of holiday budget flights and ticket sales in the country,media reported. The airline is currently promoting flights with one-way fares as low as $49. Passengers can only lock in deals on Thursday nights, however, tickets need to be purchased 21 days in advance.

Can the U.S. airline industry embark on a renaissance in the upcoming holiday season?

It is reported that the ticket support period from November 17, 2020 to March 4, 2021 (domestic time in the United States, international time is different).

At the same time, the airline industry itself is seeing good signs of recovery, with evidence that it will rebound before the holidays. Of course, this is not a trend to celebrate. Over the past few weeks, considerable media attention has been paid to the question of the safety of air travel. Despite the precautions taken by airlines, asymptomatic infections remain a difficult point.

Scott DeAngelo, CEO of low-cost carrier Allegiant, told USA Today: “From what our customers say and do, we find that there is a clear difference between their attitude towards the new crown and their intention to travel by leisure air. In other words, customers think the situation may get worse again, but their leisure travel activities or travel booking intentions have remained largely unchanged. “

JetBlue CEO Robin HiSilicon, however, was highly optimistic about travel for the upcoming holiday season at the financial reporting conference.

Last week, the number of new cases of coronary pneumonia in the United States hit a seven-day high, reaching nearly 482,000, according to Johns Hopkins University.

“I’m not going to travel this Thanksgiving unless we see a significant improvement in the trend,” Allison Arwady, Chicago’s public health commissioner, said at a news conference a few days ago. I suggest that you — especially those who are usually with older people or people with potential health problems — seriously consider whether this year is the right time to travel. “