HPE releases firmware update for some SAS SSDs: Solves power drop problem

HP Enterprise (HPE) recently confirmed that some SAS interface SSD has a serious BUG, will be the total power-up time accumulated to 32768 hours (3 years, 270 days 8 hours) after hanging up directly, the result is that the disk storage content is all disappeared, and can not be recovered. Although HP has no clear reason, but the speculation is related to the 16-bit computing system integer overflow, 32768 is the system can handle the largest negative integer, 32767 is the largest positive integer.

HPE releases firmware update for some SAS SSDs: Solves power-up 32768-hour drop

HP’s solution is to upgrade to the HPD8 version of the firmware as soon as possible, with some SSDs already receiving pushes on November 22 and the second batch scheduled for December 9.

There are dozens of SSD models affected, namely VO0480JFDGT, VO0960JFDGU, VO1920JFDGU, VO3840JFDHA, MO0400JFFCF, MO0800JFFCH, MO1600JFFCK, MO3200JFFCL, VO000480JWDAR, VO000960JWDAT, VO001920JWDAU, VO003840JWDAV, VO007680JWCK, VO01530JNL, VK000966JWSQ, VK001920JWSSR, VK003840 JWSST, VK003840 JWSST, VK007680 JWSSU, VO015300JWSSV.

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