AMD: The RX 6000 supports all optical chasing games except private APIs

The AMD RX 6000 series finally supports ray tracing, but unlike the NVIDIA RTX 20/30 series, which promotes light chase as a core selling point, AMD’s side is much more low-key, with no boasting about how good the effect is, and even technical details have not yet been released. In particular, what light chase games can the RX 6000 series support?

AMD confirmed in a brief note today that the RX 6000 series supports all optical chasing games using industry-standard technologies, including the Microsoft DXR API, and the upcoming Vulkan optical pursuit API, but that the private optical pursuit API is extremely scalable and cannot be supported.

That is to say, “Control” such a light chase game, will no longer be exclusive to NVIDIA, AMD can also run, but “Thunder Hammer II RTX”, “German headquarters: new blood” and NVIDIA close cooperation light chase game, AMD is difficult to reach, it is almost impossible to pull them back.

AMD: The RX 6000 supports all optical chasing games except private APIs

This is also in line with AMD’s consistent strategy of adhering to open industry standards rather than doing a set of itself behind closed doors, of course, because AMD is relatively weak, does not have enough appeal to pull a set of ecology alone, can not do NVIDIA CUDA-like achievements, but also avoid the tragedy of NVIDIA Physx.

As far as we know, there is a Light Accelerator (RA) in each cell of the AMD RDNA 2 architecture, which is responsible for light-chasing hardware acceleration.

AMD has stated that it will not do pure hardware optical pursuit program, but the combination of hardware and software, which means that many times performance may be relatively poor, but the benefits are more flexible, more combative in the future.