Make way for Windows 10X: Windows 10 21H1 will be a slightly updated version

After the embarrassment of the October update (Version 1809), Microsoft adjusted the pace of windows 10 updates. Although it is also twice a year, updates released in the spring introduce many new features, while updates released in the fall are primarily maintenance optimizations. And the pace of release of the Windows 10 feature update in 2021 will again usher in a small adjustment.

Make way for Windows 10X: Windows 10 21H1 will be a slightly updated version

Starting in 2021, Microsoft may update the functionality of tuning two time nodes, meaning that the feature updates released in the spring will focus on maintenance optimization, and the fall release will introduce a number of new features. As some users have noticed, Microsoft experimented with the Windows Insider project prior to the introduction of the Windows 10 October 2020 (20H2/Version 2009) feature update.

Microsoft explains:

Since today’s release, Windows Insider may have noticed that the version branch has changed to FE_RELEASE. Just as we released the MN_RELEASE may this year, we are contacting the feature to change the branch version. As our engineers move forward with the internal development cycle, we may prioritize the work done in a particular branch version, and we may migrate Insider members between different branch versions.

As a result of switching to the FE_RELEASE branch, Insider was able to notice that certain features, such as the upgraded Emoji selector, the redesigned touch keyboard, the voice assistant, the startup screen that follows the system theme settings, and other features, have been temporarily removed. We hope to bring these features back to Insiders in the future. Important: This FE_RELEASE branch version does not match a specific windows 10 feature update.

The change is most likely the result of the arrival of the Windows 10X system, which, according to current information, will enter the RTM phase in December and is expected to be officially launched this spring. The main updates to the Windows 10X system go online every spring, so Microsoft wants Windows 10 to make way for major and secondary updates.