Q3 Q4 QQ NVIDIA unique market share reached 73% widening the gap with AMD

After the release of the overall GPU market report, JPR also released q3 quarter AIB exclusive report, the quarter-quarter shipments of 10.5 million pieces, an increase of 42% quarter-on-quarter, a 6.2% year-on-year increase in the market value of $2.8 billion. For many years JPR has been counting the global GPU and AIB unique market data, here is the unique includes desktop, server, workstation, rendering and mineral card market, currently only two manufacturers in the world to provide independent GPU, AIB manufacturers have 54.

Q3 Q4 QQ NVIDIA unique market share reached 73% widening the gap with AMD

The graphics GPU market is only AMD and NVIDIA, the share of these two companies is the overall unique share, Q3 q3 AMD share of 27.08 percent, up 1.4 percentage points from 25.72 percent in the same period last year, but the Q2 quarter 32.08 percent is down 5 percentage points.

NVIDIA’s Q3 share reached 72.92 percent, down 1.4 percentage points from 74.28 percent a year earlier, but up 5 percentage points from a month earlier.

How do you interpret these two data changes? First of all, Q3 q3 unique market shipments are growing, so both shipments are growing, of which NVIDIA obviously grew faster, previously reported that Q3 q3 shipments increased by 38%, can be said to be a big win, widening the gap with AMD’s share.

AMD is also growing, compared with this time last year, AMD Q3 q3 q3 with 7nm process RX 5700 series graphics card, new products to drive growth is still there, but AMD’s problem is that the 7nm GPU layout is too slow, in addition to the RX 5700 series, RX 5500, RX The 5300 series desktop version is not yet available and is shipped only in some OEM areas.

A little further away, AMD also needs to further improve the performance and energy efficiency of the graphics card, and increase ray-traced rendering capabilities, which are the future of the 7nm plus process RDNA 2 architecture graphics card.

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