Musk praised Tesla’s Texas plant for building “fast progress.”

Electric car maker Tesla’s giant plant in Austin, Texas, is so fast-growing that CEO Elon Musk has praised the team in charge of the project. Recently, a netizen shared a photo of the Texas plant construction site, Musk replied: “Tesla Texas plant construction is progressing rapidly, the project team responsible for the real cow!” “

In fact, each of Tesla’s giant factories has its own unique features. The Shanghai plant, for example, is known for its fast construction speed and high vehicle quality, and the Berlin plant will have extremely advanced technology.

And the Texas plant may be known for two remarkable features. First, it is likely to have the most beautiful giant factory site. After announcing Tesla’s location at its next giant plant in the U.S., Musk shared some of the design details of the Texas plant, saying it could be an “ecological paradise” for the public to visit.

Second, Tesla will produce electric pickup CyberTruck at its Texas plant. If the model proves successful, Tesla’s other plants are likely to increase production. However, the Texas plant will always be CyberTruck’s first production line.

Musk recently said Tesla fine-tuned CyberTruck before production began at the Texas plant. He said on a third-quarter earnings conference call that CyberTruck’s production is largely dependent on the pace of construction at the Texas plant, making his recent praise all the more noteworthy.

In fact, since the launch of CyberTruck last November, the Tesla team has been working to refine the design of the electric pickup. Tesla has learned a lot about the Model 3 “production hell” and the company is well aware that CyberTruck’s final design is likely to determine the size of the challenges facing its capacity climb. The Tesla team’s refine of the details of the CyberTruck design shows that the company is doing everything it can to ensure production of its first electric pickup is going smoothly.

Tesla is also planning to expand other U.S. plants, including its giant plant in Nevada. Celina Mikolajczak, Tesla’s battery supplier and panasonic’s vice president of battery technology at Panasonic North American Energy, recently released a picture showing the full picture of the Nevada plant when it is completed.

Future expansions suggest that Tesla will have more room to make its own manufacturing space, Panasonic’s battery manufacturing space, and process raw materials. Panasonic now has 13 battery assembly lines that operate around the clock and now produces more than 35GWh of batteries a year. With the expansion, Tesla and Panasonic are on track to meet their 100GWh battery production targets.