Will Intel chip out-of-stock benefit Taiwan? Taiwan media view change

Intel Corp. computer chips in the U.S. are strained, sparking a shortage of supplies in the industry. Last week, more than one Taiwanese media outlet suggested that TSMC was the most likely alternative to Intel’s computer chip commission. But this week, the wind in Taiwan changed. According to an analysis on November 27th, according to an analysis by Taiwan’s China Times website, in the past year or two, Intel has entrusted components such as chipsets or peripheral ICs to TSMC and Samsung contract production, so Intel is expected to follow the same cooperation content according to the exception package, but the computer chip will not be listed as an off-site contract project.

Will Intel chip out-of-stock plants benefit? Taiwan media view change

In addition, TSMC’s 12nm and 16nm capacity will be fully loaded over the next two quarters and are unlikely to add additional capacity to Intel.

According to the website, for the above reasons, If Intel plans to work outside the computer chip commission, TSMC will not benefit much.

Why is the capacity tight?

Intel’s factory network is facing difficulties in upgrading its technology and starting to expose capacity shortages in 2018, with Intel prioritizing the production of more profitable chips for servers and high-end computer processors, leaving some chips out of stock, Taiwan’s Economic Daily reported.

Will Intel chip out-of-stock plants benefit? Taiwan media view change

Intel said in a statement on November 20that that it had expanded production capacity and asked the foundry to produce more computer chips. Intel’s increased capacity helped supply double-digit spending in the second half of the year over the first half, but remained in short supply. The company’s vice president said that while every effort had been made to solve the problem, the supply of computer chips was tight.

Supply issues have hit Intel customers’ businesses. Dell, the computer maker, was one of them, cutting its full-year revenue forecast recently.

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