“Glory of the Kings”: a time black hole for 100 million people

With 100 million active users, King’s Glory became the world’s first game product with an average daily live volume, becoming a truly “national game”. On November 1st, King Glory announced the news at his fifth anniversary celebration. That night, King’s Glory also announced that it would launch a new Mobile game after the launch of the Virtual Idol Men’s Group.

This is a successful game IP commercial model, there are professional, character enough diverse heroes, there are heroes born of civilization epics and several constructed story lines and world views, and now through Tencent’s e-competition and creative business, Wang Wang glory is packaging traditional culture as the connotation of the game for IP and commercial output.

But these days, it’s not so much the king’s glory as a mere MOBAMobile game, which seems to define it more than a social new field, a national innovation symbol, or even a time black hole.

Yao Xiaoguang, vice president of Tencent and president of Tianmei Studio Group, said that “games can combine poetry, literature, art, and even film art, while being interactive and social”, calling for greater understanding and acceptance of the game in the overall social environment, while Tencent has strengthened the normative nature of the youth anti-indulgence system and tried to make a division between entertainment and obsession.

But in fact, since its birth, King’s Glory has been a game of mixed reputation, easy to get started, but has been plagiarized LOL’s cloud has always been shrouded; it carries the alternative imagination of eastern traditional culture, but the culture itself is a commercial purpose of artificial collage;

The glory of the king has achieved its ultimate in universalization, IP and commercialization, but it may still be far from the positioning of the national cultural symbols and traditional cultural exporters it preaches.

The secret of living 100 million a day

According to data released by CNNIC in June, the total number of mobile game users nationwide is 536 million. With most games registered without a total user of 100 million, The Daily Active Users of King’s Glory have reached 100 million, peaking at 140 million, and there are some secrets behind the 140 million that Tencent and Tianmei are reluctant to go out to humanely.

A much more well-known fact is the impact of the outbreak on the Mobile game market. According to QuestMobile’s 2020 China Mobile Internet “War Epidemic” special report released in February, during the Spring Festival, the length of the king’s glory users soared by 75%, from less than two hours per person per day to an average of more than three hours (194 minutes). And on the gold, the king also rode out of the dust, set a daily peak of 2 billion yuan record, even with Tencent’s share price also jumped to a high.

Photo credit: Quest Mobile

Photo credit: Quest Mobile

But even then, the king’s daily users hovered around 95 million, and now the figure is 100 million, peaking at more than 140 million. This means that the king is still attracting new fans on top of the new users who have flocked during the outbreak.

The biggest driver behind this is its user retention mechanism settings. In a way, king’s glory is a model retained by mobile Internet users.

According to the HOOK model of behavioral motivation research, the product model that makes users “addicted” includes four elements: trigger, action, reward, and input. Specifically combined with king glory, its trigger mechanism can come from the player’s boring and entertainment needs, in-game friend invitation, but also include Tencent entertainment matrix weChat, QQ push and invitation, game window, tiger tooth fighting fish live, king camp and TT voice and other secondary products to carry out external triggering.

In-game friend invitations are triggered

Outside the game – King’s Camp trigger

Outside the game – King’s Camp trigger

And to become a universal game product, the difficulty of getting started, the time-consuming per game and the hardware required are important factors affecting the entry of nods. Compared to LOL and other end-of-the-line tour, the king glory of the difficulty is not high, the average 10-15 minutes per game, to become a new user only need to own a smartphone and download the game can be, in other words, the user to participate in the game’s action is not high.

This can be seen in the portraits of the king’s glorious users. Compared to LOL more than 60% of users are concentrated in the 18-24 age group, male users accounted for more than 90%, the king of glory over 26 years of age accounted for more than 25% of the players, male and female audience once reached 1:1, is still maintained at 6:4 level.

The players of King’s Glory are gendered and of a more diverse age

At this level, the king’s national status is not touted.

In addition, King’s Glory is not simply composed of hero battles in a variety of different modes, with hundreds of new page entrances and dozens of “little games” that attract users to spend more time with rewards at different levels.

Take the 5th anniversary of the tiger skin activities as an example, with a limited time free free permanent skin to attract users to log in, once the user participates in the activity, it is necessary to invest more time to complete the subdivision of each chapter of the task, and different tasks include different dimensions of time investment: such as the completion of the game battle, sharing posters, and friends to complete the battle together.

Getting skin takes a lot of time to do

Getting skin takes a lot of time to do

And if the user is not willing to play the game to gain experience to complete the task, it is necessary to log into the game every 2 hours to receive the game directly sent experience package, observer network rough calculation, the user to get five-year free skin needs more than 2000 points of experience, about the user in a day to log in more than 10 games to obtain.

In fact, once users spend so much time dening the game, they don’t spend a small amount of money on the game. Dreamer is a female player who logs into the game at least 3 times a day, goes in in the morning and noon to get gold coins, and goes dark with friends in the evening. She told The Observer that she has been playing king since 2017 at the invitation of her roommate, and that the gold count has exceeded 1,500 yuan.

Gold is also graded

“Recently my friend took me to play the Mobile Game version of League of Heroes, and the king played less, but if I were to retire, I wouldn’t, after all, I spent so much money, right?” Dream said.

And in addition to the restrictions, gifts and gold brought about by the sense of addiction, the king behind Tencent entertainment has the most powerful game ecology in the country. Apps that match the Game of Thrones glory alone have the messaging platform King Camp and the voice-opening black and social properties of TT Voice.

In addition, Tencent video, tiger teeth, fighting fish, B station and penguin e-race, and even shake the sound, fast hand also has a large number of ecologically derived around the king of live, short video content, some of which live page also has a game entrance.

It can be said that with King’s Glory as the core, King’s Camp and TT Voice as secondary products, King’s Glory constructed a game matrix, any product within the matrix can stimulate users to invest time into the game, while the interaction between the matrices will enhance the penetration and addictiveness of the game, and constantly let players log in, participate in activities, games, gold, cycle back and forth.