Sources say the producer of “Death stranding” is out of agreement with the team and is now out of business

When He left his old owner KONAMI, Mr. Kojima led a number of core players who developed the game, setting up the new Kojima Productions in 2015 and launching the new game”, Death, using the Decima game engine of PS Global Studios, this month stranding. Just as everyone was expecting the island studio’s next original innovation game, news broke that the producers he had worked with for years had left him.

According tomedia VGC reported that the game’s producer, Kenji Goto, has left Kojima Productions, the reason for the departure has not been made public.

A veteran of the gaming industry, Mr. Quan has been a producer of the series since 2001’s Alloy Gear 2, and has previously been responsible for the plot and animation of “Devil City: Night in the Moon” and “The Heart of Vandal.” Kojima Productions was founded in 2015 as a partner of Shoiji Kojima, and worked as a game maker in the just-released “Strand Ing.”

The reason for Mr. Quan’s departure is unclear, but he is said to be at odds with other core members of Kojima Productions, and Mr. Quan did not attend the recent global campaign for Death Lives.

At present, the social media of Mr. Quan Jianichiro has not yet made public the news of his departure, let’s wait for the official release.

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