Millennium Old Town Meets 5G: Take You three-day Wuzhen trip to feel 5G Freedom

Clear water through the city, people enjoying their  river … Here, it’s Wuzhen. A few years ago when it came to Wuzhen, people thought more of the hazy beauty of the smoke and jiangnan, in recent years Wuzhen went to the world, because of the World Internet Congress, and now, this millennium-old town of water has added a new  business card: the world’s first 5G smart town.

October 20, the 6th World Internet Congress in Wuzhen opened, the focus of attention of the current Internet Conference, in addition to the Internet tycoons and their insights into the industry hot spots, there must be this 2019 hot  keywords: 5G.

Lei Jun came to Wuzhen after the first time to carry out 5G speed measurement, Li Yanhong, Zhang Chaoyang, Zhou Hongyi and other Internet tycoons also shared during the Internet Conference on 5G thinking and insights.



5G signal full coverage, smart town, driverless and remote driving… Here, it’s still The town of Wu.

This issue of 5G Weekly, take you to feel the “5G freedom” of Wuzhen.

 5G speed measurement

At present, the world is paying close attention to 5G industry dynamics, but for most people, limited by terminals, base stations, packages and other factors, 5G has not yet fully entered daily life. And in China, in Wuzhen, you can first feel the “5G freedom.”

Beijing time at 7 p.m., Shanghai’s S in the evening rush hour subway watching the news broadcast, New York I just woke up looking at the mobile phone message, London N and Paris A is doing  video call …

No one would have thought that in this ancient, quiet Town of Jiangnan in China, someone had been using a 5G mobile phone while waiting for the radish cake to come out of the pot.

Come to the World Internet Congress these days, 5G mobile phone quietly became the main machine: downloading  software, watching video, playing games, file … Every time you go to a place, you have to take out your cell phone to do a speed test.



Scenic areas, venues, pavilions, in all corners of Wuzhen are covered with 5G signals, through the actual speed measurement, the downstream rate in 300 to 800Mbps (equivalent to 40 to 100M/s download speed), taking into account the distribution of base stations, indoor and outdoor environment and other factors, such speed is still satisfactory.

The full coverage of 5G signal is more important, is to allow many 5G applications in Wuzhen to achieve one step first.

Search for automatic buses between slate roads

The World Internet Congress gave birth to a small “net star” – 5G self-driving micro-bus.

Self-driving micro-buses have limited numbers of daily trial bookings and are popular, with many tourists and locals coming to experience them, in addition to the media.


Wuzhen’s self-driving micro-bus line should also be the first open road in the country, or even the world, for self-driving cars.

The interior of the bus and the ordinary vehicle look no different, but outside the vehicle, you can see up and down, front, back, left and right are connected with induction radar, although it is self-driving, but still requires the driver in the driver’s seat to ensure safety.




During driving, the overall experience and manual driving are still some different, for example, when the identification of surrounding vehicles and pedestrians when the brakes will be more urgent,  compared to comfort, passenger and vehicle safety is the first consideration.

Staff said that micro-buses are on constantly debugging and optimization process, the future will also have a better experience.

Internet Light Feels 5G Future

Internet Light Pavilion brings together many well-known companies at home and abroad, focusing on 5G, AI, VR, autopilot and other related black technology applications.


The little guy we saw at the gate of the Internet Light Pavilion was actually a 5G patrol robot.


According to staff, it has automatic barrier avoidance, human detection, face recognition, vehicle recognition, voice interaction, harmful gas detection and other functions, and can provide 6 high-definition video surveillance data to assist police officers to complete security work, while 5G network high bandwidth, The low latency capability also just meets the needs of police robots for high-definition image transmission which makes it easy for command centers to grasp the situation on the spot in real time.


In addition to patrolling robots, the pavilion also showed us more security equipment, such as this mobile police command tower, through 360-degree VR monitoring equipment to observe the surrounding environment, and through the 5G network real-time backhaul images and data.

So, in Wuzhen, in the light of the Internet, 5G applications are actually already for each of us .

To say that what aspects 5G was the first to make a difference in our lives, it would probably be video and games. There are many 5G-based gaming experiences in the Internet Light Pavilion.


For example, this 5G penalty shootout, the game set up pre-5G and 5G two scenes,  let the player really feel the 5G game experience different. Through my own personal experience, will find that 4G online games are less difficult, have a perceived significant delay. In the 5G network, the action capture is more precise and agile, the movement of the ball and the goalkeeper’s reaction is more fluid, the game is more difficult.


In addition to the penalty game, we also found 5G VR ping-pong, we all know that VR devices in 4G or the existing WiFi network, there will inevitably be some delay, and a small delay will also make our eyes dizzy, and reduce the game experience. But under the 5G network, the game screen inside the VR device is more fluid and the picture quality is clearer, which brings the player a more comfortable experience.

One step closer to 5G life

Three days, we’re here ahead of time to feel the way we can use 5G anytime, anywhere.

On October 25th China Mobile announced the official launch of its 5G package on November 1st, meaning that 5G will officially enter our daily life.

Of course, mobile phones are only a small part of 5G life-changing, more surprises and unknowns, and we’re still waiting to find out.

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