Samsung’s next wireless earbud could be Galaxy Buds Beyond

Over the past few years, Samsung has released an amazing number of real wireless earbuds that steadily improve their design and quality every year. Samsung’s next wireless earbuds, it seems, could be “Galaxy Buds Beyond.” Since the launch of Samsung’s Gear IconX in 2018, Samsung has released at least one set of real wireless earbuds each year.

This year, they even redouble their efforts to release The Galaxy Buds Plus side-by-side with the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Buds Live — what we often call “beans.” As our Ben Schoon pointed out in his review of Galaxy Buds Live, with the release of these two products, Samsung has successfully launched two very different products that cater to different types of people.

For people like me, I think Galaxy Buds Live is great. I like its sound quality, like its open world design, appreciate its design. But for many others, the Galaxy Buds Plus would be a better choice. They are cheaper, provide better noise isolation, and sound as good as all the same features.

It now appears that Samsung may have leaked its new plans sooner, after a trademark application for the word “Galaxy Buds Beyond” appeared in the Us. Unfortunately, there are no other details in the trademark application to explain what Galaxy Buds Beyond is. Following last year’s release habits, we can speculate that Galaxy Buds Beyond may be the successor to the 2021 Galaxy Buds Plus, designed to serve wireless earbud users who prefer more traditional designs. If that is the case, we expect them to be launched with the Galaxy S21, which is currently rumoured to be available in early January.

Samsung's next wireless earbud could be Galaxy Buds Beyond