Texas has become the state with the highest number of confirmed cases in the United States

Texas is currently reporting more confirmed cases of new crowns than any other state in the United States,media BGR reported. Since the outbreak began, there have been nearly 974,000 newly confirmed cases in Texas, with about 18,730 deaths. As winter approaches, experts like Dr. Fucci warn that new spikes in infection and death are inevitable.

Texas has become the state with the highest number of confirmed cases in the United States

Over the weekend, Texas unfortunately became the state with the highest number of new cases in the country. Texas has recorded nearly 974,000 newly confirmed cases since the pandemic began sweeping the United States in early March. This was closely followed by California and Florida, which recorded 949,000 and 816,000 COVID-19 cases, respectively.

Texas is the second most populous state in the Country, with a population of 29 million. In fact, however, the number of new crown confirmed cases in Texas has surpassed that of California, which has a population of 40 million – a sign that the state’s response to the new crown outbreak is inadequate.

In the first few months of the outbreak, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott made a series of strange and sometimes contradictory decisions. In short, the message from the state’s top officials is often confusing and unclear. Back in March, the Utd Tribune looked at Mr Abbott’s response to the new crown outbreak.

Nearly 30 states have imposed temporary school closures. For example, some orders even apply to private institutions. But in Texas, only half of school districts order students to stay home after spring break.

That’s because Gov. Greg Abbott has so far insisted on a largely decentralized approach that gives cities, counties, school districts and universities discretion to deal with the virus, but they think it’s appropriate. As a result, local policies vary from county to county, leaders place restrictions on public gatherings, and others have other rules designed to encourage “socializing.”

It can be said that new crown safety measures such as the “home order” and the wearing of masks will only be effective if everyone follows them.

Commenting on criticism of the strategy, a spokesman for Mr Abbott commented at the time:

Texas is so diverse that the right practices in Houston and Harris counties as well as Dallas and San Antonio are not necessarily the best practices in Amarillo. These cities and counties are following the appropriate agreements and guidance they receive from local health authorities.

Back in July, Mr Abbott ignored requests from officials in cities such as Houston and Austin for tighter restrictions. And when more than 10,000 new crown cases were added each day in July, Mr Abbott was reluctant to implement a “home order”.

Unfortunately, Texas, like much of the rest of the country, is facing a rebound from the new crown outbreak. In the past two weeks alone, the number of newly confirmed crown cases in the state has soared by 32%. At the same time, the number of hospitalizations and deaths increased by 33 per cent and 18 per cent, respectively.