“Pokemon Go” revenue hits $1 billion, just 10 months ahead of last year’s 11%

According to the latest data from Sensor Tower Intelligence, the popular game Pokemon GO will have more revenue in October 2020 than previous records, indicating that gaming revenue will hit a new high this year. This AR game requires players to go outside to collect treasure dreams, but social isolation in the outbreak did not impact the game. According to Data Corporation, players spent about $1 billion on the game at the end of October, up 11% from 2019.

According to Sensor Tower Intelligence, Jedi Life (PUGB) is the most money-paying game, followed by Tencent’s King’s Glory (which doesn’t count third-party Android platform revenue), and Pokemon GO, which came in third. Next in line are Moon Active’s Master of Gold and Mixy’s Monster Marbles.

In terms of the market, the countries and regions most willing to spend money on Pokemon GO are the United States, which has contributed $1.5 billion to the game. This was followed by Japan and Germany, which contributed $1.3 billion and $238 million, respectively. In response to the global outbreak, Pokemon GO was adapted in March to allow players to play at home. These changes include increased rewards for capturing Pokemon and items used to attract Pokemon to players.