Twitter adjusts inactive account removal program: Don’t act until it finds a way to honor the deceased’s account

Twitter has shared more details about its plan to remove inactive accounts,media reported. According to its own disclosure, the scheme will currently only affect users in EU countries. In addition, it will not be free to erase the account until it finds a way to save the deceased’s account.

Twitter adjusts inactive account removal program: Don't act until it finds a way to honor the deceased's account

“We’ve heard that this will have an impact on the accounts of the deceased,” the Twitter Account post said. This is our mistake. We are not going to delete any inactive accounts at this time unless we create a new way for people to remember (the dead) accounts. “

Earlier, Twitter had emailed warning that users who had failed to log in to any accounts that had been inactive for more than six months before December 11 could be deleted. Now it looks like this deadline could change.

Facebook, another social media giant, has offered a way for users’ accounts to be commemorated after the death of their owners, but Twitter has not, but a spokesman for the company recently told the media that they are also considering such a feature.

Although Twitter says its plan to clear accounts will be concentrated only in EU countries from the start but may eventually be extended to other countries because of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

When Twitter finally begins the program, many usernames may be released as dormant accounts are cleared, which is the benefit of the program.

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