Why people chill when they hear music they love: Scientists use their brains to find out why

According tomedia reports, some music can make people move to tears, some will be immediately recognized by the listener, and some will make people feel the whole body chill. In a recently published study, nearly half of the respondents said they felt this way while listening to their favorite songs. Now, you may know a little about the reasons behind it.

Why people chill when they hear music they love: Scientists use their brains to find out why


In a research paper published Tuesday in Frontiers in Neuroscience, a team of neuroscientistes in France linked chills to several key areas of the brain that activate reward and pleasure systems.

The study asked 18 participants to listen to songs they described as chilling and asked them to point out when they felt that way. The researchers wanted to analyze the brain activity of participants when they felt a chill, so they connected them to an electro-brain map that detected electrical signals from different regions of the brain.

Electroencephalogram scans showed that three important areas of the brain associated with mood processing, movement, and processing sound and music were lit. Together, these areas of activity trigger the release of the hormone dopamine, which provides “feel-good” emotions and sensations that make the listener shudder as they listen to a particularly exciting piece of music.

Thibault Chabin, a researcher at the University of Burgundy-Franchconte and lead author of the paper, said the findings provide a good perspective on musical emotions, as well as opportunities for further research in other contexts.

“We wanted to measure how participants’ brains and physiological activities were combined in a natural, social music environment,” Chabin said in a press release. “In addition, he says, this small study gives researchers an understanding of how music affects the brain, which may be related to the ancient function of music.” Music pleasure is a very interesting phenomenon worthy of further study, which will help to understand why music is beneficial and unlock why music is essential in human life. “