Shanghai current Tesla shared car: Model 3/X/S hour are 120 yuan traffic committee response

Although the current price of the domestic Model 3, subsidized after the price has been reduced to 2499 million yuan, but many consumers still believe that Tesla’s brand luxury is still compared to BPA and other traditional luxury cars. And, in terms of power and technology, Tesla is far more than a conventional fuel car, so many consumers want to try it out.

But a few kilometres away from the Tesla Delivery Center for a test drive, it’s never enough. As a result, shared Teslas are out of the sky.

近日,据媒体报道,在上海的“我要云车”网络平台上可以租到特斯拉,包含特斯拉Model3、ModelS、ModelX三种车型,时租均为2元/分钟。Shanghai current Tesla shared car: Model 3/X/S hour are 120 yuan traffic committee response

Although model 3 such a price of the car, 120 yuan an hour is a little more expensive, and far beyond the market price of vehicles at the same level of rent level.

But the model S, which has a guide price of $7339-$117.49 million, is also 120 yuan an hour cheaper than a Tesla performance luxury car.

In response, media reporters made field visits. Through the network query, found this rental Tesla place, located in a hotel in Shanghai.

After arriving at the hotel, the reporter asked the staff, can rent Tesla, the other side said that the main does not provide rental services, more is to pick up and drop off hotel guests. This is also a big difference from the company’s flyer.

In the afternoon, the reporter came here to rent a car, to ask the staff about car rental, the other side said that today’s vehicle has been booked, can not be rented.

Since then, the reporter also called the company’s business commissioner, the other side said that their company was originally providing Tesla vehicle rental services, but in recent times too much media coverage, caused the Shanghai Transportation Commission to review.

Staff may be nervous and have not disclosed more detailed car hire. But our company is no problem, you use the car 1 hour 120 yuan, we will send you 120 yuan of products.

Although the person in charge said that there is no car rental service, but on its mobile phone client, found that you can still rent a Tesla model, still 2 yuan per minute, but need to pay a deposit of 10,000 yuan car rental.

In this regard, the reporter has contacted tesla officials and the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission. Tesla says the leasing company has nothing to do with Tesla. The Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission responded that the incident is under investigation, it is not convenient to disclose.