Alexa’s interaction is more natural: Amazon incorporates new mood and narrative style

Since the introduction of the Artificial Intelligence Voice Assistant, Amazon has been trying to make the voice interaction between Alexa and humans more natural. Today, the home appliance giant has taken a big step in that direction, introducing an emotional and new style of talking for Alexa. These new features are already available to developers and are expected to meet with consumers soon.

(Audio) Alexa's interaction is more natural: Amazon incorporates new mood and narrative style

In an article updated today on the Alexa Skills Kit blog, Amazon details these new emotions and ways of saying things. These emotions and speaking styles are supported by the company’s “neural text-to-speech” technology. Alexa can now respond to queries in excited or disappointed tones, both of which can be used at three different intensities in high school. For example, when a user is playing a game and getting the correct answer, the developer might choose to have Alexa respond to the sound with a high intensity.

On the other hand, when Alexa delivers bad news, developers may want to use a low-intensity disappointment tone, such as the weather forecast saying it’s raining today, or the team that supports it losing.

In addition to two new emotions for developers, Alexa introduces two different speaking styles. One of these speaking styles is close to the news anchor, apparently ideal for Alexa to read the headlines. The second style of speaking is more musical, making her sound like a radio DJ. Look at the two speaking styles below, and examples of how Alexa usually sounds like to compare.

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