Twitter has customized another Hashflag for Apple’s launch next week

Another unique Apple logo, hashflag, is ready for next week’s “One More Thing” Apple event. The custom Twitter icon, which includes the same orange, red, purple and blue hues as apple event invitations, will go online at 12:00 EST.

Twitter has customized another Hashflag for Apple's launch next week

Twitter allows brands to add custom emoticons next to tags as a marketing strategy. According to Agency Creative, custom-made “hashflags” can cost more than $1 million and are typically used for big events such as the Super Bowl or holidays.

Apple has previously used custom hashflags at both Apple events in September and October. Ahead of the “Time Flies” event in October, Apple customized the hashtag “AppleEvent” before the event was announced, revealing that the launch was coming. Since the “Hi, Speed” iPhone event in October, Apple seems to have consciously added a label logo after the invitation was sent.

Next Tuesday’s Apple launch, which will take place on Tuesday, November 10, is likely to announce the first Macs to use the Apple Silicon chip.