If Mr. Trump loses, Twitter will no longer “preferentially” treat him

As president of the United States, Mr. Trump has enjoyed special treatment for violating Twitter’s rules on offensive or misleading content. But if he loses the election, his immunity will end in January. Twitter treats world leaders differently than it does to ordinary users. Twitter often retains leaders’ content and tags them with warnings, but doesn’t force them to delete them.

Twitter believes that people should listen to world leaders, even if they share controversial content, because the news they post is news-worthy in itself. But if Mr. Trump loses, he will become a “former” world leader and no longer be protected by this policy. Twitter, for example, treats former U.S. President Barack Obama’s offending tweets the same way it treats regular users.

Since being president, Mr. Trump has used Twitter as his voice. But since tuesday morning, Twitter has stepped up its fact-checking of Trump’s tweets. According to the New York Times, Twitter tagged 39 percent of Mr. Trump’s 29 tweets and retweets, and posted warnings that they could be misleading about the election process.