Since Tuesday, 38 percent of Trump’s tweets have been tagged on Twitter

Twitter has reportedly been an important source of his voice throughout Mr. Trump’s presidency. Since the early hours of Tuesday morning local time, however, Twitter has stepped up its fact-checking of what Mr. Trump has posted. Of the 29 posts and retweets he posted and retweeted, 38 percent were tagged by Twitter as misleading during the election campaign.

Since Tuesday, 38 percent of Trump's tweets have been tagged on Twitter

In September, Twitter announced that it would take aggressive action against Twitter messages that mislead readers, block people from voting, or unilaterally declare victory. So far, Twitter’s actions have focused on Trump and his close circle, including his family and staff.

On Tuesday, Mr. Trump kept a relatively low profile on Twitter. But by Wednesday, his Twitter activity had grown rapidly. On Thursday, he continued to make baseless claims on Twitter about election fraud, suggesting that he had won elections in states that had not yet been final.

Twitter added fact-checking tags to 11 items posted and retweeted by Mr. Trump. Most of the tags suggest that what Mr. Trump shares is “controversial and potentially misleading in terms of the election or other citizenship processes.” In a Twitter message, Mr. Trump unilaterally announced that he had won pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina. But Twitter’s hashtags show that the results in those states have not yet been finalized.

Samantha Zager, deputy national press secretary for the Trump campaign, said: “Large technology companies intervened with President Trump before Election Day, and continued to do so a few days after Election Day, keeping the president silent on their platforms. The American people have a right to know what happened in this election, but big tech companies just want to stop that information from flowing to voters. “

A Twitter spokesman said the company plans to continue to take action against content that unilaterally declares victory or contains misleading information.