Domestic Tesla Model Y debuts in Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Model 3 same front face tail is “raised”

As Tesla’s entry SUV model, the Model Y is not expected to be much less expected in our country than the Model 3. Previously, officials have said that the domestic Model Y will start delivery early next year, according to the current time node, the domestic Model Y has also been real car offline, began the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology declaration. Recently, we obtained a set of domestic Tesla Model Y declaration information from the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which also indicates that the Production Node of Model Y is approaching.

From the declaration information to take, domestic Model Y and overseas version of the overall design is consistent. And the front face can be said to be Model 3 “same model”. If you look at the front face, it is estimated that many consumers do not recognize whether this is a Model 3 or Model Y.

Therefore, the friends who say that Volkswagen built the car “set” can turn the “gun” around, after all, compared with Tesla, Volkswagen’s “set” behavior, can only be said to be the younger brother.

However, model Y’s body side design is more to look at, but don’t be fooled by Model Y’s “car”-like appearance, it’s really an SUV.

In order to meet the SUV’s interior space requirements, the rear of the Model Y is greatly raised, from the side, with car-like lines, the overall more sporty coordination.

But if you come to the tail, the rear bulging is slightly “sudden”, and there is even the illusion that Model 3 is raised “ass”. With a snuck-back tail, the SUV’s five-seater range is still a struggle, but Tesla will also offer a seven-seater version of the Model Y.

Many fans are curious about how the seats will be furnished if a seven-seater version is available. Because of the same class of 7-seatER SUVs on the market, in order to ride space compromise, generally do not use the back-slip design.

With a length and height of 4750/1921/1624 mm and a wheelbase of 2890 mm, the new car is considered a “standard figure” for a seven-seat SUV.

In terms of power, Model Y will be powered by dual motors with outputs of 137 and 180 kilowatts, respectively, and battery packs will still be powered by a three-yuan lithium battery, although no details have been released as to which cell will be provided.

In addition, according to Tesla’s official website, china will be the first to launch model Y long-range full-drive version and Performance high-performance version, the pre-sale price of 488,000 yuan, 535,000 yuan. Also, only five-seater versions are available, and seven-seater models will not be available until next year.

But the price of nearly half a million yuan is a big difference from Musk’s previous claim that “Model Y will be an SUV that everyone can afford.” Therefore, it is hard to believe that such a price will be the domestic version of Model Y price.

By contrast, the current U.S. delivery of the long-range full-drive Model Y, with a subsidized starting price of $43,690 (about 288,000 yuan), is only about 38,000 yuan higher than the starting price of the domestic Model 3.

As you can see, Model Y is not positioned much higher than Model 3. But the model Y pre-sale price given on Tesla’s official website in China is now as high as 488,000 yuan, and the high-performance version is 535,000 yuan.

Therefore, this also gives the domestic want to taste fresh friends raised a wake-up call, buy Tesla Model Y must choose a good time to start again, if the current order Model Y, you can guarantee that the domestic version of the market, the starting price will also be 488,000 yuan?