Pruener will introduce insect food for dogs and cats

According tomedia reports, the world’s population is growing rapidly. This has been the case for a long time, which means a lot of food is needed. Yet food shortages have existed in many countries for decades, and as global warming has put pressure on crops, food shortages are beginning to emerge in more and more countries.

So in the coming decades and hundreds of years, where do we humans get all our food? Perhaps you’d better be more inclusive of food, because scientists have long viewed bugs as the answer to the world’s food problems. Insects can continue to harvest quickly and provide good protein sources, which is why Nestle’s Purina pet food brand has prepared a range of pet foods that rely on insects for protein.

Pruener will introduce insect food for dogs and cats


It is reported that the pet food will be sold under the Piruna Beyond Nature trademark. The Piruna Beyond Nature protein will be sold in two varieties, one of which contains insect protein. It is understood that one of the protein components comes from chicken and pig liver, while the other protein comes from 虻 larvae. This kind of food has cat food and dog food.

Using insects as a food source is nothing new to tell the truth, but it is estimated that most people will sneer at it. However, people have been eating insects since the beginning of human life, and in fact, insects have an alarmingly high nutritional density in terms of their size.

In recent years, companies have been looking for ways to introduce food containing bugs to consumers. At the same time, scientists are increasingly adamant that eating bugs may be the only way we humans can finally sustain an out-of-control global population surge. Things will start slowly, first with bugs as feed for livestock, but it won’t be long before humans eat them themselves.

It is reported that Pryna’s new pet food will be the first to enter the Swiss market, and then to more countries.