The funeral of a new crown denier/church celebrity becomes a super-spreader event

Amfilohije Radovic, 82, the most senior clergyman at the Hesse Orthodox Church, died recently of complications from COVID-19, and his funeral turned into a super-spreader event,media BGR reported. People attending the funeral did not wear masks, kept their social distance and even kissed the bishop’s body. The 90-year-old head of the Serbian church who attended the funeral was diagnosed with COVID-19, and others are suspected of contracting the disease.

The funeral of a new crown denier/church celebrity becomes a super-spreader event

Amfilohije is understood to have neglected the disease until he contracted COVID-19. Amfilohije’s funeral, which took place on Sunday, turned out to be a super-spreader’s event. People, not wearing masks, kissed the remains of bishops lying in open coffins. Patriarch Irinej, a 90-year-old bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church, attended the ceremony and was hospitalized Wednesday for COVID-19.

Before he died of complications from COVID-19 on Friday, Amfilohije avoided wearing a mask and called the pilgrimage during the pandemic “God’s vaccine,” BBC News reported.

Irinej, who attended Sunday prayers, and several others are believed to have contracted the disease. Amfilohije’s successor suffered from “mild pneumonia”. Pneumonia is one of the respiratory complications encountered in COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

“The bishop was hospitalized at a COVID-19 hospital in Belgrade,” Irine’s office said in a statement. But added: “He still has no symptoms and is in excellent health.” “Older people tend to suffer from a variety of health problems, which put them at risk of complications from the new crown. Men are also more likely than women to die from COVID-19.

The funeral was also attended by Montenegro’s prime minister-designant, Zdravko Krivokapic, and Serbia’s president, Aleksandr Vucic, the BBC reported. Only Vucic was wearing a mask. The Serbian Orthodox Church is a powerful institution in both countries, which explains why politicians attend events despite obvious risks.