Brazil’s High Court of Justice has been hit by a major cyberattack

Brazil’s High Court of Justice (STJ) has been hit by a major cyber attack that will bring its operations to a standstill for a full week,media reported. The incident was discovered on Tuesday (3rd), when several court chambers were ongoing. According to STJ, a virus was found in the court’s network and, as a precautionary measure, the internet link was cut off, prompting the trial meeting to be cancelled. All of the Court’s systems, including e-mail and telephone systems, were therefore unavailable.

Brazil's High Court of Justice has been hit by a major cyberattack

STJ Minister Humberto Martins issued a statement on the incident, saying the attack did not affect the ongoing court proceedings related information. According to the minister’s instructions, the intrusion used encryption to block access to the data, but there were backups. Later, it emerged that the attack had also affected the court’s backup, described as Brazil’s worst-ever cyber security incident.

In addition to the Brazilian Army Network Defense Center and STJ’s technology vendors, including Microsoft, the agency is currently using tape backup to restore the system environment. StJ meetings that were originally held virtually were also suspended. According to the Court, only urgent cases will be dealt with during the recovery of the Task Force’s progress, and the system is expected to resume operations on 10 November.

At STJ’s request, federal police have launched an investigation. Brazilian President Bosonaro said in a live broadcast on the 5th that the perpetrators of the cyber attack have demanded a ransom, and has found the perpetrators of the incident. But as of the time of writing, it has not been confirmed by the police.

The STJ cyberattack followed news on Sunday that brazil’s National Judicial Council’s servers had been “unauthorizedly accessed.”