Zombie Apocalypse Escape? Tesla electric pickup or flamethrower

The popular post-apocalyptic drama The Walking Dead has released a tweet calling Tesla’s electric pickup Cybertruck the best escape vehicle in the dead, according tomedia. In an effort to improve his ability to deal with dead bodies, Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, is considering installing a “flamethrower” from boring company Boring Company, a tunneling company, in the car.

Zombie Apocalypse Escape? Tesla electric pickup or flamethrower

Speaking on the podcast Joe Rogan Experience, Musk said Boring Company produced 20,000 flamethrowers and sold them out in four days. It’s an “impromptu idea” inspired by the film Spaceball. The 1987 film has been the driving force behind many of Musk’s high-performance power trains, such as “Ludicrous Mode” and the unreleased Plaid Mode, and was behind the birth of the flamethrower.

Although the flamethrow gun quickly sold out, Musk renamed the modified jet gun to buyers outside the United States in order not to allow international customs agencies to refuse to deliver the modified jet. While Boring Company doesn’t have flamethrow guns available for purchase through its website, it can be found on eBay, where prices vary. There is still interest in flamethrowers, especially cage star Conor McGregor, who recently asked for two flamethrowers to be installed in his CyberTruck pre-order.

While it’s not yet known whether Musk will add a flamethrower to Cybertruck, that possibility cannot be ruled out, even if the ideas seem far-fetched and bizarre. After all, Musk has added a number of very unique features to Tesla Motors.

The robustness of the electric pickup truck Cybertruck was demonstrated at the November 21 unveiling, when Tesla designer Franz von Holzhausen struck the door with a sledgehammer. The pickup can travel up to six people, including drivers, with a maximum range of more than 800km and can accelerate from zero to 96km/h in just 2.9 seconds. (Small)

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