A Canadian COVID-19 mask study is good news for fitness enthusiasts

A new study in Canada has found that healthy people who exercise with three layers of masks do not experience problems with blood oxygen saturation or myooxy saturation. The study, recently published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, addresses a number of disputes and claims related to wearing masks.

A Canadian COVID-19 mask study is good news for fitness enthusiasts

During the New Crown pandemic, many people had a clear concern about going to the gym to work out — people tended to congregate in a relatively small space and they would discharge droplets into the air. While it is still not desirable to go to the indoor gym in some areas, it is important to keep your exercise going during the blocking and social distance.

A new study from the University of Saskatchewan assessed the potential impact of wearing a three-layer mask during vigorous exercise and found that participants’ performance was not affected, nor was their oxygen saturation or muscle oxygen saturation.

The study was small and involved 14 participants who were described as healthy and active. The researchers controlled for factors such as sleep, diet and past physical activity, which occurred 24 hours before the study began. Participants are tasked with a short warm-up session on a dynamic car.

The intensity of cycling increased steadily until participants were no longer able to maintain the minimum pedal speed required by the researchers. The process was repeated three times, once when participants wore cloth masks, the second time when they wore medical masks, and once when they were not wearing masks.

Phil Chilibeck, co-author of the study, explained:

If people wear masks while indoor exercise, it may make the course safer and allow the gym to remain open during the COVID pandemic. It may also allow the movement to continue, including hockey, where the spread of COVID-19 appears to be high.

The study had some limitations, especially since it was suitable for healthy people, and the cloth mask used involved three layers. The researchers point out that only one layer of mask may change the outcome.