Several Democratic tweets announcing Biden’s victory prematurely were marked

Fox News has just reported that Twitter has flagged tweets from Some Democrats and leftists that prematurely declared Democratic candidate Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election. The report quoted sources as saying that Twitter had taken a flagging action against tweets from some Democrats and left-wingers who posted mis-information about the election on Twitter and prematurely declared Biden the winner.

Reported that the tagged tweets referred to “President-elect Biden,” although the results of the election have not yet been announced.

They include Andrew Yang, a former Democratic presidential candidate, and others, the report said.

The report noted that Twitter’s tagging came after complaints that they only censor users with conservative views.

According to the latest CNN count, Biden has 253 electoral votes, up from 213 for Trump. But Fox News and Bloomberg count Biden with 264 and Trump with 214.

Several Democratic tweets announcing Biden's victory prematurely were marked