Smart Assistant may become a highlight on PlayStation 5

While the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett have a lot in common on hardware, that doesn’t mean Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation consoles will have exactly the same experience. After all, Xbox allows some games to be interoperable with pc versions, and the PS5 may not be available. Even so, Sony decided to bring a unique feature to PS5 users — a virtual assistant specifically designed for gamers. To be sure, it’s definitely different from the virtual assistant on Xbox.

Smart Assistant or become a highlight on PlayStation 5

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As early as September, rumors about PlayStation Assist AI were rumoured to have flowed. It was reported at the time that the AI assistant was able to answer a player’s specific questions, such as explaining the location of a particular task or item, and helping the player get information from the web.

In addition, Sony offers PlayStation Assist a companion mobile app that provides information and statistics on certain events in the game. In the weeks that followed, Sony’s next-generation handle for the PS5 was revealed on the web, and some one noticed that there appeared to be a microphone on its prototype.

Although Sony has not confirmed this, the Virtual Assistant feature is already in the new patent for the PS5. GamesRadar notes that the patent describes a technique that “can be used for feature analysis associated with video games and user content generation.”

This looks like a technical upgrade to the PS4 Share system, which allows users to stream games online with friends online. But the new technology also allows you to edit your own game clips and let others view and interact over the PSN network.

It allows users to search for specific parts of interest in uploaded user-generated content, and associated metadata will allow viewers to have the same experience as logging events, and a better classification is where the PS5 Smart Assistant can benefit.

Previous patents state that the assistant is able to answer questions about specific content in the game, such as tasks, locations, opponents, and difficulties. Of course, all of this is a matter of speculation. Please also wait patiently for the ps5 to be released as to what the truth is.

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