New research has found that red meat may increase the risk of cancer

‘We know red meat isn’t the best thing in the world–— scientists have told us for decades, but steaks taste good and they can’t all be bad,media reported. Now, however, a new study suggests that red meat contains substances that may increase the risk of cancer.

New research has found that red meat may increase the risk of cancer


In the past, warnings about red meat have been largely due to factors such as high cholesterol, but the idea that red meat can cause cancer is relatively new, at least as far as this study is concerned. Researchers have actually determined that a specific carbohydrate present in red meat may be the cause of this increased risk.

According to the study, Neu5Gc, a “non-human sugar” (full name N-Glycolyneuraminic acid), produces antibodies against it, and it is this binding that can trigger cancer.

The researchers noted that they recorded their diet diaries while studying the eating habits of 120 people, and asked scientists to take serum samples from them to measure levels of various compounds in their blood. They found that those on the diet with high Neu5Gc levels, i.e. people with large amounts of red meat and dairy products, had more antibodies in their blood and were therefore at higher risk of cancer.

However, the simple presence of carbohydrates in the body does not mean that cancer is inevitable or even possible. The researchers noted that the increase in cancer risk was only significant at high doses. Both red meat and dairy products contain non-human sugar Neu5Gc. “Our paper suggests that it is enough to consume a certain amount of sugar because it does not cause people to consume a lot of sugar in their diet,” study co-author Dr. “

So red meat isn’t the best food in the world for us humans, but it’s true for many different kinds of food. Usually, moderation is the key, if you like steak then eat steak, just don’t eat tomorrow, eat the day after tomorrow, eat every day.