Study: COVID-19 was associated with the occurrence and deterioration of tinnitus

According tomedia reports, a new study shows that the new coronavirus may aggravate tinnitus. Tinnitus is a common disease that people hear without an external source of sound. COVID-19 is related to many symptoms, including neurological symptoms such as loss of smell, some of which can last for weeks or months after other symptoms disappear.

Study: COVID-19 was associated with the occurrence and deterioration of tinnitus


The study, supported by the University of Anglia Ruskin and the American and British Tinnitus Associations, aims to study the potential impact of COVID-19 on this condition. The study involved about 3,100 tinnitus patients and COVID-19 patients.

Of these participants, 40 percent reported that their tinnitus worsened at the same time as COVID-19 symptoms. In addition, a small percentage of participants reported that their tinnitus was occurring at the same time as coVID-19, the researchers said.

The results suggest that tinnitus may be another long-term symptom, as have previously been reported for rashes and other skin problems, again highlighting the potential long-term consequences of the virus, COV-19. Dr Eldre Beukes, lead author of the study, said: “Some of the changes brought about by COVID-19 appear to have had a negative impact on the lives of tinnitus sufferers. Participants in the study reported that COVID-19 symptoms were worsening, sometimes even causing tinnitus and hearing loss. This also requires close examination by clinical and support services. “

Some tinnitus sufferers report worsening their symptoms as a result of lifestyle changes caused by the new crown pandemic.

However, perceptions of worsening symptoms associated with popular lifestyles vary from region to region, with the study noting that 46 per cent of participants in the UK said these changes had a negative impact on their tinnitus, compared with a lower rate of 29 per cent in North America.

As with many other potential problems caused or exacerbated by the new coronavirus, this conclusion requires more research.