IPC performance jumped 50% and Intel 12th-generation Core finally opened fire

With the launch of the AMD Ryron 5000 series processor, Intel’s ten-generation Core has been under intense competitive pressure, the paper-released 11th-generation Core Rocket Lake will not be available until the Q1 next year, but the 14nm process plus improved architecture still can not solve the problem. According to official information, Rocket Lake will be upgraded to the new “Cypress Cove” and the IPC (the number of instructions per clock cycle) will increase by double digits, or more than 10%.

Of course, a 10% IPC boost is guaranteed, and in fact Cypress Cove’s kernel base is Sunny Cove, with IPC performance up to 40% higher than Skylake’s, an average of 18%.

IPC performance jumped 50% and Intel 12th-generation Core finally opened fire

But even if the Rocket Lake processor is on the market, it can not change the current situation, on the one hand, it is up to 8 core 16 threads, multi-core still has no advantage, and on the other hand, it is too late, next year Q1 quarter listing has a small half-year time.

Intel’s real turning point is the 12th-generation Core, the Alder Lake generation, which officials have confirmed will use a hybrid architecture, the design of a nuclear mash-up, in addition to upgrading the 10nm process, with a significant increase in the number of cores.

According to the news, Alder Lake’s large core can do 8 core 16 threads, small core is also 8 core, that future Core i9-12900K is 16 core 24 thread, although a little awkward, but the core number will not suffer.

As for IPC performance, Alder Lake uses the updated Golden Cove architecture, which focuses on improving ST single-threaded performance, with the latest news that its IPC performance is 10-20% higher than that of 11th-generation Tiger Lake and 35-50% higher than Skylake’s.

In addition to the IPC surge, Alder Lake is not as frequent, at least for large cores, as is the current Tiger Lake, which has a mobile frequency ceiling of 4.8GHz.

Skylake architecture is the core architecture of the current six to ten generations of Core, on the basis of which 35-50% improvement, the next generation of Core’s single-core performance can be completely reversed.

That said, Alder Lake’s problem is still time, it will be released as soon as the end of next year, afraid that amD will get out of the 5nm Zen4 processor, the latter’s official description is before 2022, but because TSMC 5nm process is less Huawei this big customer, AMD’s priority ahead of schedule, 5nm Zen4 next year.