Several of Trump’s tweets about the count were tagged on Twitter

A Twitter spokesman said saturday morning local time, the company flagged four tweets from President Trump, saying it had made “potentially misleading statements about the election” and would continue to work to control false information on its platform,media reported. “Tens of thousands of ballots were illegally obtained just after 8 p.m. on Election Day, and the results in Pennsylvania and other extremely weak states were completely and easily changed,” the current president tweeted without evidence. “

He claimed that thousands of ballots were “illegally banned from observation” and said “bad things happened” during the “malicious and gross prohibition of legal transparency” at the time.

Twitter also marked a quote from Trump, who added a statement to a tweet from Rep. Jim Jordan. Mr. Trump said there was a demand for transparency and that “… Legal observers were denied access to the counting room! “

However, there is no evidence that legal observers are prohibited from participating in any counting in states that have not yet counted their votes.

Twitter has been aggressively implementing its citizens’ integrity policy since Election Day, and President Trump’s tweets about elections and counting have been heavily labeled. As of Friday morning, more than a dozen of the president’s tweets had been tagged. The tweet, posted Saturday morning, was tagged less than an hour after it appeared.

Several of Trump's tweets about the count were tagged on Twitter

On Saturday, the president announced in an unmarked tweet that a “lawyer’s press conference” would be held in Philadelphia at 11:30 AEST. The president’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, then held a news conference in which he claimed unfounded voter fraud in Pennsylvania.

Not long after Twitter tagged Trump’s tweets, the Associated Press and mainstream networks predicted biden would win the presidential election. The news came as Trump was playing golf. He later tweeted that he had “won the election and received 71 million legitimate votes” and that “millions of postal ballots” had been sent to people who did not ask to vote. Apparently, Twitter also tagged the tweet.

Several of Trump's tweets about the count were tagged on Twitter