Fb warned that even if Trump vows to fight, Joe Biden will win the election

Despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s vow to keep fighting, Facebook reminded millions of U.S. users that Joe Biden was the most popular presidential candidate on Facebook and Instagram,media reported. The social media company made the announcement Saturday after the mainstream news media said the election was in Biden’s favor.

“A presidential winner has been predicted,” Facebook wrote in the notice, followed by “Joe Biden is the expected winner of the 2020 U.S. presidential election.” The notice also includes a timestamp, a link to the results of the election at 11 a.m. EST on November 5, and the company’s polling information center.

Facebook helped register 4.4 million voters in November’s general election, a record number.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the goal in an op-ed published in USA TODAY in June, when he announced a big increase in turnout.

The unprecedented vote surpassed Facebook’s previous efforts and massive registration campaigns, such as Rock The Vote in 2016, when there were only 1.7 million people registered.

Facebook’s effort to encourage more Americans to vote is part of an unprecedented effort by social media companies to boost turnout in the controversial election cycle.

Fb warned that even if Trump vows to fight, Joe Biden will win the election

Facebook and other social media companies stepped in when the new crown virus disrupted traditional voter registration. Voter registrations on college campuses or mall parking lots have fallen sharply as the epidemic has spread. The campaign has benefited from the broad influence of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger in American life.

On Thursday, Facebook said it would deploy “glass-breaking” measures to limit the flow of election mis-information as the country awaited the results.

At a news conference that evening, however, Mr. Trump accused big technology companies like Facebook of trying to “steal” the election results.

Earlier Thursday, Facebook shut down a fast-growing pro-Trump group that blocked Stop the Steal, calling for the fairness of the vote to be protected without expressing concern about the violence. A former Facebook content pager has warned that she expects violent calls regardless of the outcome of the election.