Zhang Wenhong: The birth of the vaccine does not mean that the new coronavirus can be completely solved

2020 Tencent Medical ME Conference (hereinafter referred to as “ME Conference”) officially launched, the world’s top medical leaders gathered, from the “pain point”, focusing on the new crown epidemic, heart disease, cancer, reproductive medicine, depression and other cutting-edge medicine, combined with Internet technology on the user’s pain point insight, for the public to decode the frontier thinking of life.

Zhang Wenhong: The birth of the vaccine does not mean that the new coronavirus can be completely solved

This year, the ME Conference, with the theme of “pain points”, intends to explore the pain points and solutions of individuals, medicine and society, reveal the reflection and evolution of life and civilization, and promote the universal popularity of medical science. Speakers at the ME conference included Professor Zhong Nanshan, Director of the National Center for Clinical Medicine of Respiratory Diseases, Eric Rubin, Editor-in-Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, Professor Ge Dubo, Director of Cardiology, Sun Yat-sen Hospital, affiliated with Fudan University, Huang Hofeng, Director of the Key Laboratory of Embryology-based Diseases in Shanghai, Professor Lu Lin, Director of the National Center for Clinical Medicine of Psychopsychiatric Diseases, Professor Cai Sanjun, Director of Intestinal Surgery, Fudan University-affiliated Cancer Hospital. Professor Peng Baoxuan, Director of Spinal Surgery, Third Medical Center, PLA General Hospital, Professor Zhang Wenhong, Director of Infection Department of Huashan Hospital affiliated with Fudan University, and Huang Lei, Vice President of Tencent Medical.

Professor Zhang Wenhong delivered a keynote speech on the theme of “Going Out to the Dark Moment”, in which he mentioned that in this outbreak, the world has become a community against the epidemic, and for the next step in the prevention and control of the epidemic, when the world’s epidemic is not over, China will not be able to be independent of the world. China’s experience is constantly in the fight against the virus to explore, but the successful program is not necessarily replicable, there are many factors behind this, China adopted a decided strategy – to surround the virus, to “run faster than the virus” in order to win, at the expense of a little individual freedom in exchange for greater freedom of society as a whole.

At the same time, the birth of the world-famous new crown vaccine does not mean that the new crown virus can be completely solved. “One of the things we’re going to do next is run faster than the virus, quickly control where the outbreak occurs, and test the people we come into contact with until every case is detected, ” Professor Zhang said. At the same time, we need to prepare for the world’s reboot and opening up by increasing vaccination rates. “

The following is a transcript of Professor Zhang Wenhong’s speech:

Keynote: Out to dark moments

Zhang Wenhong Director of the Infection Department of Huashan Hospital, affiliated with Fudan University, and Director of the Department of Internal Medicine, Shanghai School of Medicine, Fudan University

Hello everyone, very happy to be here today to share with you about this outbreak, my feelings at present, there are some ideas or views about the future.

We’re all talking about a topic, pain point, I’m sure there’s no pain like this year’s new crown outbreak on a global scale, the world is in a lot of pain about the disaster, China has just breathed a sigh of relief from this outbreak, but the whole world is still in the dark.

Today we’ve been talking about when we’re going to get out of this bat-related disease, the new crown outbreak, and of course we’re still talking about whether it’s a bat or not, but we all know today that this virus from nature is a human challenge that’s completely beyond our imagination.

Looking back at the trends in our outbreak since this outbreak, you will find that the cumulative number of deaths exceeds 1.09 million, and I believe this figure should be unthinkable in January of this year.

Of course, China’s new crown outbreak control pace to stay at the level of more than 80,000 cases, and the world’s cases, we look at its trend today does not seem to stop meaning, then how long will this darkness continue? We should discuss this from a scientific point of view.

A lot of people were talking in March about whether summer was coming, and the whole outbreak would be like SARS in 2003, when summer came, and naturally it would go away. Today I believe that many people in the world will agree that this outbreak is likely to continue to spread, and many people even think that the virus has become a permanent virus in human society, it may stay there will not go, what is the real situation?

We see outbreaks in key countries around the world, and you see that after this year’s global outbreak began to slowly begin in January, the number of cases in many countries around the world today exceeds eight million, seven to eight million, and even goes up there, which is the cumulative number of patients in the world’s top eight countries this year, which exceeds one of our earliest forecasts of the disease.

In fact, from March this year we can see that this outbreak in March in the global comprehensive, this time its trend is not SARS showed in the summer can stop a trend, but there are more global spread of the situation, this situation only when the pandemic we find this characteristic, so this year before the summer there are two ideas in the debate, one thought that the coronavirus caused by the epidemic we may slowly die in the summer, It won’t cause further spread, but another idea is coronavirus, but its characteristics show a spread like the flu virus.

Today we follow one of the most widespread countries in the world, and in India, we take a look at the characteristics of the new crown outbreak. This is a comprehensive analysis of the outbreak in India published in Science this year, and you will find out what characterizes the spread of the new crown outbreak at this time. This group, dominated mainly by younger people, has contributed the most to the spread of the epidemic throughout the country, meaning that the widespread activities of younger people in the country have contributed the most to the spread of the epidemic.

But more we see every age group, its spread shows a horizontal spread of the situation, that is, 0 to 14 years old children in its epidemic performance is characterized by their spread to each other, we see the elderly over 65 years of age its outbreak is also spreading to each other, which is the outbreak after the global spread of the pandemic period typical characteristics, that is, in all ages, close contact with the population widely began to spread, in this case how we will end this outbreak, which is what we are going to discuss today.

Today I’m here to show you a few of the global strategies for this outbreak.

The first strategy, it is clear that everyone likes to listen to China’s experience, what is China’s experience in the end? In fact, China’s experience did not become experience at first, China’s experience from the beginning is when our team to Wuhan, we do not actually have a very complete final experience in mind, these experiences are in the constant struggle against the virus formed. This photo comes from our teammates, the back of the car taken when they pulled out of Wuhan, but here we see a lot of young doctors carrying shoulder bags and walking forward in a fearless gesture, and we can see that the younger generation of doctors in China has shown extraordinary spiritual strength and his professional strength.

And what was our war in Wuhan? We in China have implemented 100 percent lockdown, the entire city blockade, we have also implemented 100 percent of the city closure, in today’s China has been an outbreak of the epidemic we have taken is to 100 percent infectious disease prevention and control spirit, so after about two months, with practice proved that this method is successful.

But success doesn’t mean you can certainly replicate it, because there are many factors behind it that make our experience in China successful in our land, where government leadership, our Eastern culture, and our people’s cooperation.

Today’s war epidemic has been a preliminary victory in China, and the initial success, and a paragraph, but many people have been asking, is China never a new crown? Obviously not, in this global outbreak, we know that the world is an epidemic-resistant community, when the world’s epidemic is not over, China can be independent of the world? Obviously not, so in China there will be some cases of distribution, imported cases, but we are very afraid of re-emergence of such a situation as Wuhan, so the second experience of the outbreak in Wuhan is that for a very large population, medical resources per capita resources are relatively poor in a situation, if the consequences of the expansion of the epidemic is very serious, so China must take a decisive strategy, The strategy is that when you surround the virus in its whole and win, one of the things we’re going to do next is run faster than the virus, so today we’re seeing in China that when there’s an outbreak of a virus anywhere, we’re going to quickly centralize control of the place, and we’re going to test the people it’s in contact with, and even expand the testing, the wide range of tests, until every case is detected, and a lot of people tell me that he’s not too strict. Are you paying too much? It’s up to us to know very clearly, what are the consequences if we don’t? If you run no faster than the virus, in turn the virus will spread, the virus spread, we will ask ourselves whether there are enough medical resources to bring the outbreak back under control, so China’s experience is faster than the virus running strategy, you can control the outbreak in Beijing within a month.

Then in Xinjiang you will also find that the outbreak occurred within a month to control the epidemic, in Dalian is also a month to control the epidemic, today in China’s cities will also appear such a situation, but today we will be with our people, the people of the full communication, so many people ask me why the Chinese people in this outbreak so cooperative, in fact, in China has always been our people as the main body of the epidemic, so today someone will ask me what is China’s experience?

The first point of China’s experience, of course, is government leadership, which has developed a series of strategies, but it is not enough to have a government strategy, and we should let the public know very clearly why our strategy is so, so there are many professionals in China in this process, and I am myself in it. We will communicate with our people through various channels, our self-media, our publications, many of our written public numbers, in fact, have had a lot of communication with the public, this is our own team in the outbreak published the first international new coronavirus disease, it was born very early in the fight against the epidemic, April and May, with international zero copyright widely published, we wrote popular science books in 18 countries in the international zero-tax publication, we hope to put the Chinese experience, Our experience of communicating with the people tells the world that an outbreak is truly successful, that is to say, only the whole society unites together, we understand each other, this epidemic will succeed, so China’s success depends on the first is leadership, the second is our Eastern culture, we can for the whole group to live better to sacrifice their own very short-lived some freedom.

So Margaret Chan, a former WHO officer, has said that we all have to sacrifice a little bit of our own freedom to gain a greater freedom for society as a whole, and I think that’s a very good statement, and some of the Chinese people’s cooperation in this outbreak we have seen enough. So when an outbreak can be contained, it should depend on a number of factors before it succeeds.

Is it the international family’s country its outbreak control has no unique secret? In fact, today we see that the second wave of foreign countries is really up, we will see here, this is the French yesterday’s data, we see the second wave of new cases in France seems to exceed its first wave, we look at the British data, the second wave of new cases in the United Kingdom also exceeded the first wave, so many people will be very worried that they exceed the first wave of this outbreak, do you have the ability to fully control? In fact, here I would like to tell you that other countries in the international community have also formed their own anti-epidemic strategy, especially in countries like Europe, what is its main strategy? When the epidemic re-starts and my medical resources can’t cope effectively, I will certainly step up my anti-epidemic strategy, such as closing schools, reducing going out, working from home, there is a very important point, I want to ensure that my ICU beds, that is, the beds in the intensive care ward can treat patients with multiple problems, why make room for them? Because ultimately the death rate from our disease is due to the fact that seriously ill patients are not effectively treated. So this time China’s strategy we all know, why China we must resolutely control the disease in the early stages, we just hope that the number of cases of our serious illness is completely within our control, this time you can achieve the concept of people first, life first, so abroad it is such a level, everything put there, you will find that when the outbreak began to be strict. Recently, both France and the United Kingdom have once again extended their emergency response time to bring the outbreak under control, which is the first of their ideas.

The second idea, when you look at his recent increase in the number of cases, but his fatality rate, such as in the UK, has now fallen to around 0.5 per cent, meaning these countries have been maintaining a dynamic balance in their own anti-epidemic strategies.

So when you can’t completely destroy the virus, you have to learn how to live with it. These two strategies in a sense we think are suitable for their own countries, China in the short term we annihilation virus, European countries in the short term can not annihilation of the virus, I learn a strategy to coexist with the virus, but I must put the death rate down below, then we are waiting for what? Will the world never reopen like this?

Now we know that we can not go abroad or go abroad is also very troublesome, foreign people come in is also very troublesome, if the world has been closed down, our economy, politics, culture will be greatly challenged, then what are we waiting for? Obviously all of us are waiting for one of this year’s killer weapons, the vaccine. But everyone’s problem is again, the vaccine is not the world will never have a new coronavirus? So we know today, the world has been born countless vaccines, the birth of measles vaccine, measles still exists, the birth of chickenpox vaccine, chickenpox is still there, we still have influenza vaccine, is not every year autumn and winter flu to all come? So the birth of the vaccine doesn’t mean we’ve completely solved the problem.

So where exactly does the vaccine work?

Today with the birth of the vaccine we will know that the world in this new crown outbreak control strategy will come out of the third strategy, this strategy means that this year before the vaccine came out, that is, this time today, the vaccine did not come out, even when everyone said I was not abroad also have vaccination, this is the country’s emergency vaccination, only in a very small number of people, most people did not get vaccinated, this time we are still in the country, our schools, hospitals, communities are still receiving some challenges? Yes, I’m still being challenged, because the world’s epidemic is not over, and I hope you’ve always had this wary mind.

We’re going out on crowded subways, buses, in the gathered theaters, and like here today, we need to wear masks. We must wash our hands when we come back from a trip, in the crowd to try to ensure social distance, we in China has entered the new normal, has been for several months, on October 1 this year, so far China has accepted a very strong challenge, this challenge we call it “stress test”, China has experienced the new crown outbreak after the first very huge “stress test”, is this year’s National Day, China as many as, as far as I know there are nearly 600 million people traveling outside, Or near or far, but today our outbreak in China is still in a controlled range, at the same time in China’s very local areas out of some of the cases distributed, is it terrible? In fact, no, the cases that appeared today we cited our original strategy, using strong medical monitoring and testing methods, we ran to the front of the virus, we can finally bring this outbreak under control.

So after the advent of vaccines, is our epidemic from now on, the virus is not from now on? Not really. When the vaccine comes in, in the international community will not be 100 percent vaccinated, some countries inoculation 30%, some 40%, we have to do is even 30%, 40% of the people vaccinated, the most dangerous group of people he was protected, so the whole social group of the death rate will be greatly reduced, when the death rate of this society dropped significantly, we began to meet the world’s restart, because whether it is influenza or other diseases, When the fatality rate dropped significantly when the world restart opportunity came, this time China we have to face a restart of the world, China in this outbreak so far we have maintained a particularly clean, our local cases are basically 0 cases, how will we face the challenge of restarting the world and still exist in the world of this virus?

It is clear that China depends on universal vaccination, and we still need to keep ultra-low levels of indigenous cases through higher vaccination rates to prepare for the world’s reboot and opening up.

So this year’s new crown epidemic is coming to this day, and we believe we’ve had our darkest times, and That Sugon is already out of the horizon, and we’re going to come out of the dark, thank you.