Shanzhai AirPods shipped 600 million pairs by 2020? Far more than Apple’s AirPods

For Apple products, shanzhai can be said to always accompany its growth around. Starting with the previous Apple iPhone, and now the AirPods series TWS true wireless headset products, in the face of market demand and profits, many manufacturers have taken the risk to invest in this white industry. And the beneficiaries, in addition to these cottage manufacturers, Apple itself is among them.

The low price of shanzhai products enables Apple products to quickly occupy the low- and middle-end market. Although the immediate benefits are split between shanzhai manufacturers, in the long run this segment of consumers has become a potential market for Apple. In addition to environmental factors, this is one of the reasons why shanzhai Apple products can fill the entire market.

Due to the rapid development of the TWS headset market over the past few years, the TWS headphone chip is iterating rapidly and its performance is improving. Such as Huawei, Xiaomi and other mobile phone manufacturers, strollers, 1MORE and other audio manufacturers’ products, whether it is design or product performance experience are gradually close to the gap with Apple products, and there are more choices in the price. Apple’s AirPods shipments will continue to be compressed in 2020, so much so that Apple is removing the standard line-up headphones from its iPhone line in the hope of boosting AirPods sales even further.

Shanzhai AirPods shipped 600 million pairs by 2020? Far more than Apple's AirPods

TWS headset sales in Q1 2020

During this period, the shanzhai AirPods maintained a steady output. According to incomplete supply chain information statistics, in 2020 shanzhai AirPods shipments have reached 600 million, Apple AirPods shipments between 80 and 90 million, the difference between the two is staggeringly large, but also reflects the shanzhai AirPods market. This time, let’s take a look at and analyze the development of shanzhai AirPods, a mysterious organization that walks on the edge of a cliff

AirPods’ rapid boom in the market is a direct cause

Shanzhai AirPods shipped 600 million pairs by 2020? Far more than Apple's AirPods

And when it’s about the AirPods series, it starts with Apple’s iPhone 7. In September 2016, apple’s iPhone 7 series was released, and Apple was the first to remove the 3.5mm headphone hole from its handsets, as well as a new line of TWS true wireless headphones, the AirPods true wireless headphones. The two-channel transmission technology used by AirPods, combined with the solution of the charging compartment, quickly led the industry.

AirPods shipped about 14 million in 2017 and 35 million in 2018, a 150 percent increase, accounting for about 76 percent of TWS headset shipments that year. This is also a direct reason why many manufacturers are starting to make and sell shanzhai AirPods headsets and continue to benefit.

Market demand becomes the foundation

Shanzhai AirPods shipped 600 million pairs by 2020? Far more than Apple's AirPods

The boom in Apple’s AirPods has laid the groundwork for the market, and the shanzhai AirPods are an alternative when some want to buy them but stop at high prices. The market-tested apple AirPods look mold, coupled with dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan of low prices, by many consumers. The endless production of shanzhai AirPods products is beginning to appear in offline and offline malls.

And as prices rise, the degree of imitation gradually reaches the essence. Because shanzhai AirPods saves on the cost of design, some shanzhai AirPods products can even configure and experience more TWS headphones than some brands at the same price point.

Apple’s AirPods became apple’s fastest-selling accessory product, and shanzhai AirPods also sold surprisingly well. Shanzhai AirPods successfully reversed the situation in Huaqiang North, so it “prosperity and recovery” up, so TWS headphones also spread a paragraph: “There are only two real wireless headphones in the world, one is AirPods, one is shanzhai AirPods.” “

Apple’s AirPods Pr o launch has injected new momentum into the shanzhai market

Shanzhai AirPods shipped 600 million pairs by 2020? Far more than Apple's AirPods

By March 2019, the AirPods 2nd Generation will be launched with a new Apple H1 chip that adds voice assistant wake-up, wireless charging and more. Less than a year later, the AirPods Pro, the third generation of the AirPods series, was quietly launched in October 2019, and in addition to the change in appearance, the new active noise reduction feature sparked a thousand waves and led TWS true wireless headphones into a more high-end era of active noise reduction.

Shanzhai AirPods shipped 600 million pairs by 2020? Far more than Apple's AirPods

This, of course, has once again aroused the passion of the shanzhai AirPods manufacturers, less than a week after the official launch of the AirPods Pro, Huaqiang North has been “successfully conquered”, the shanzhai version of the AirPods Pro began to enter the market, compared to the original four to five times the price, in functionally very similar to the genuine. And with the development of active noise reduction technology, TWS headsets that support active noise reduction are moving down from the high end of the market, allowing the shanzhai AirPods Pro to drive down prices again, attracting more consumers.

Previously, I love the audio network to dismantle the white airPods Pro (Rhoda version), white airPods Pro (Jerry version), shanzhai AirPods Pro (Hengxuan version). And recently I love audio network also made two articles about Taobao, “TWS real wireless headphones” sales of the top ten articles, from which it can be clearly found that AirPods-like products occupy a number of positions. Its functions and configurations are also different, some only imitate the “skin”, while others are similar functions, but the price is in

The 2020 shanzhai AirPods shipped far more than Apple’s genuine

With two months left in 2020, many industries this year have been affected by the outbreak, as has Apple. Apple’s new fall launch was held twice in a row during the Golden Nine Silver Ten’s Technology Month, and again on November 11th. Sales of Apple’s AirPods have also been affected to varying degrees.

Shanzhai AirPods shipped 600 million pairs by 2020? Far more than Apple's AirPods

According to Apple’s supply chain, the number of AirPods supplied to Apple this year has reached 80-90 million, a gap from the 100 million apple AirPods series expected to top 100 million by 2020, according to Counterpoint Research, a well-known market research organization. But with the iPhone 12 officially launched, the iPhone family is no longer standard with wired headphones, and sales of the AirPods series are likely to climb rapidly in the remaining two months.

According to incomplete statistics on supply-related information, shanzhai AirPods shipped 600 million yuan in 2020, including dozens of yuan of low-end products, but also products that support active noise reduction. It is far more numerous than Apple’s AirPods family and accounts for a large share of the mid- to low-end TWS headset market.

I love audio network summary

There are many reasons why shanzhai AirPods products can reproduce and grow for a long time, and environmental factors, Apple’s defaults, and large consumer groups are directly or indirectly helping them grow in today’s market. Among them, the popularity and rapid popularity of AirPods for shanzhai products to provide a profit margin, so that shanzhai manufacturers take risks, in order to give up everything behind the interests.

On the other hand, the large market share of shanzhai AirPods products is crowding out and eroding the normal development of many of the domestic TWS headphone brands, reducing their profit margins and eventually abandoning the field. In the long run, this will have an impact on the benign development of the TWS real wireless market. In the future, it is believed that what many people want to see should be products that can have a wrench with Apple, not a large number of followers.