PS5 Sony reaffirms its continued commitment to the Japanese gaming market

One aspect of Sony’s dominance of the console business is its investment in the Japanese market. Since the original PlayStation, Sony’s consoles have been the base for Japan’s biggest games. With the upcoming launch of the PS5, that dominance is unlikely to change. However, some question whether Sony will shift its focus from the Japanese market to Western players.

PS5 Sony reaffirms its continued commitment to the Japanese gaming market

Natsumi Atarashi, a Sony spokesman, told Bloomberg that it was wrong to say that PlayStation’s focus was shifting from Japan. “Our domestic market remains critical,” he said. She also gave an example, saying Japan was one of the first countries to make the PS5. Japan, like the United States, will make its debut on November 12th, but due to jet lag, Japan will be one of the first countries in the world to sell the PS5.

However, according to Bloomberg, there are other stories after the appearance. An anonymous source, said to be a senior official at PlayStation’s California headquarters, said there were differences between SIE USA and Japanese companies. Specifically, they were disappointed with the promotion of PS4 in the Japanese market, which resulted in Japanese companies not participating in the promotion of PS5.

It should be noted that even so, orders for the PS5 in Japan are sold out. So demand for the PS5 in Japan remains high. “As market demand weakens, changes in marketing may become more influential.” Sony may also have made the right changes in marketing, and Japanese players’ enthusiasm for the PlayStation will force it to make any changes.

Of course, it is clearly incorrect to say that Sony and PlayStation have at least not expanded into western markets. PlayStation’s current chief executive and president is Jim Ryan, who was previously head of SIE Europe. In 2016, PlayStation’s headquarters also moved to California. Sony is no longer the company where the PS4 was launched, but what that might mean may take years to figure out.

Whatever Sony’s focus is, and whatever the company’s plans for the PS5’s future, PlayStation will almost certainly be the platform of choice for Japanese developers. The original exclusive games, such as Final Fantasy 16, were the best proof.