South Korean chess player Lee Sedol will have another “man-machine war” retirement game straight: AI invincible

Recently, South Korea’s famous chess player Lee Sedol announced his retirement from professional chess, a decision influenced by the powerful artificial intelligence. ‘With the debut of AI in the Go game, I realized that even if I made a crazy effort to be number one, it wouldn’t be top-notch because it was an invincible object,’ Lee said in an interview, according to Theverge, citing Yonhap.

Photo by WikiMedia

It is reported that in March 2016, Lee Sedol with Google DeepMind’s AI “AlphaGo” conducted a “human-machine war”, and ultimately lost 1:4, and his win was also recognized as the last victory for AI. At the time, the industry predicted that Lee Sedol would win by a landslide, and when Artificial Intelligence repeatedly beat him, he was in credulous.

Clearly, Lee Sedol has felt the power and invincistuating of artificial intelligence, but he has decided to fight it again before retiring. From December 18 to 21, Lee Sedol will play three times in the retirement tournament “handol” with South Korea AI. So far, “handol” has beaten the top five players in South Korea, in the first game on December 18, AI will let Lee Sedol ii.

Despite this, Lee Sedol said he thought he would lose to “handol” in the first game, but still tried his best to play.

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