WeChat pushes “life-saving” service to quickly find nearby AED

Sometimes, death is only for a moment. According to statistics, the number of sudden cardiac deaths in China is as high as 540,000 per year, with an average of 1,500 deaths a day from cardiac arrest. So, if this kind of emergency, how should the people around you rescue? Recently, WeChat launched a “life-saving” service. Simply open WeChat-I-Pay-City Service, drop-down to find “See a doctor-emergency-service-AED navigation” and view nearby AED devices and navigate to find the nearest AED.

In addition, users can select the appropriate small program service by searching directly for “AED” in the WeChat box. At a critical moment, these may save their lives. Did you learn anything?

Note: AED is an automatic defibrillator, also known as an automatic in vitro shock or shock, automatic defibrillator, heart defibrillator and fool electric shock, etc., is a portable medical device, it can diagnose specific arrhythmia, and give electric shock defibrillation, is used by non-professionals for the rescue of heart-induced sudden death patients medical equipment.

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